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Acoustically Transparent (AT) Screen

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An Acoustically Transparent (AT) projection screen is designed to allow sound to pass through without any significant loss in quality or distortion. This type of screen is used in home theater and other audio-visual setups where sound and image quality are essential.

AT screens typically have small perforations or holes in the screen's surface that allow sound to pass through. These perforations are small enough that they do not affect the image quality of the projected image, but they are large enough to allow sound to pass through with minimal loss in quality.

AT screens are used with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers behind the screen, hidden from view while still providing high-quality sound.

AT screens can come in different types, such as fixed or retractable screens, and can be made from other materials, such as fabrics or perforated metal. Not all AT screens are created equal, and the quality of sound passing through the screen may vary depending on the screen's and speakers' quality.

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