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Geometric or Geometry Correction and Warping

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Geometric or Geometry correction refers to adjusting the geometric distortions of the image produced by the projector. These distortions can include keystone distortion, pincushion distortion, and trapezoid distortion. Keystone distortion occurs when the image is wider at the top or bottom, while pincushion distortion occurs when the image is narrower at the top or bottom. Trapezoid distortion occurs when the edges of the image appear to slant inwards or outwards.

Geometry correction is a process that is used to correct these distortions and make the image appear square and proportional. Geometry correction is done by adjusting the image mapping from the projector to the screen, and it can be done manually or automatically.

Manual correction is done by adjusting the settings on the projector, such as the zoom, focus, and lens shift. Automatic correction requires special software on the projector that automatically detects and corrects the distortion.

Warping on a projector refers to adjusting a distorted image caused by non-planar surfaces like curved, irregular surfaces or a screen that is not mounted perpendicular to the projector. Warping allows the projector to adjust the image to fit correctly on the non-planar surface.

It's important to note that warping is a complex process that may require some technical knowledge. It may also affect the image quality, especially on the edges of the image, and some projectors may need this feature.

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