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Monitoring and Control

At a school or university there could be dozens or possibly hundreds of projectors scattered around the campus so the ability to quickly check remotely that each projector is performing satisfactorily is important. There may also be times where you may want to control multiple projectors simultaneously without reaching for the factory remote control.  


Once you have connected a compatible projector to your network, you can control it using a web browser. This allows you to access the projector remotely and control things like focus, zoom, shift, and test patterns. You can even set up a networked projector to send you an e-mail alert if there is a problem. The email will list the name of the projector experiencing a problem and detailed information about the issue. In addition to being able to control a projector via a web browser, some manufacturers offer software program options which can be used to monitor and control the projector.
Some Projector Management software allows you to check the status of multiple networked projectors and perform various projector operations from your computer. You can monitor the status of multiple projectors and get information such as such as power status, errors, and warnings so you are alerted to projector abnormalities immediately. You can also select individual projectors or projector groups to check detailed information such as the usage hours of the projector light source, the current input source and any current errors or warnings. This software is more focused on monitoring. Projector Professional Tools offer further flexibility by allowing you to adjust and control images projected from networked projectors using a computer. You can focus, shift, zoom, apply Geometric Correction, fine tune Edge Blending and much more on multiple projectors without having to reach for a remote control. This software option is more focused on control. It can be downloaded from a manufacturer’s support site. Previous testing has proven that these programs work well and provide lots of controls, including the list below:
  • Remote access and control through a network
  • Remote monitoring of literally hundreds pf networked projectors
  • View status – including input sources, power on/off, lamp life hours and more
  • Email notification (SMTP) to send alerts to your handheld device or computer
  • Preventative maintenance features including temperature levels and error alerts
  • Pre-schedule timers to alert filter and lamp replacement needs
  • Enterprise SNMP plug-in available


In addition to control software offered by the manufacturer, many business/installation and education class projectors are also compatible with 3rd party control systems such as the Crestron RoomView network monitoring and control system, which also allows you to setup and adjust a networked projector.


DMX is an older command and control system that is best known for controlling lighting. DMX is still used heavily today for stage work and in classrooms. It is still a viable solution for theaters putting on live shows and concerts. With DMX Art-Net, projectors can be controlled/automated along with the rest of the lighting which can be a powerful way to tackle things like projection mapping (which is utilized in many concerts these days).
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