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Projector Bulbs

Depending on usage, a projector’s bulb will have to be replaced after several thousand hours. Although the brightness is reduced, running a projector in its ECO mode can increase the projector’s lamp life by up to 60%.

Replacement Projector Lamp / Bulb

If the projector is going to be mounted, try to avoid selecting a projector that must be taken down from the mount to change the lamp. For example, don’t choose a projector with the lamp access door on the bottom where the projector attaches to the mount. Removing the projector to make for a lamp replacement takes a whole lot longer and increases maintenance cost. Fortunately, most projector’s lamp doors are located on the top or side of the unit. This allows fast lamp replacements, if a projector is already cool, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. If you have to unmount the projector from the ceiling or wall mount, you probably need to add, at a minimum, an additional 20-30 minutes of service time
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