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AAXA P4X LED Pico Projector Lag Test

AAXA P4X projector


I just got my hands on this little guy, the AAXA P4X.  I have only had the time to do the lag test, but I plan on doing some gaming over the next couple of days.  I know this projector is not geared toward gaming, but it could possibly be a fun multi-purpose travel projector.  These are the results from the lag test.  When testing lag I use the same length cable, and the source is coming out of the same computer/video card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 580).  As you can see, the lag is minimal.  It passes gaming performance in this aspect, but we'll see how it does after a few hours of actual gaming.  Art has a full review available here, minus the gaming aspect of course.  See you guys in a few days, until then...happy gaming!

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