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BenQ W7000 Pre-Production Unit

Greetings, I was at Art's and got a sneak peek at the new BenQ.  I had the opportunity to play Uncharted 3 (PS3) in 2D and 3D.  Art also put on Legends of Flight in 3D.  I was really impressed with the 3D Blu-ray, and 2D gaming.  The 3D gaming seemed a bit better on this projector, but I was using a console (not a PC) and the 720p resolution was still hard to deal with on such a large screen.  It seems at this point and time you have to sacrifice brightness and resolution in order to game in 3D, whether on a console or PC.  I am hoping that they start producing some good 1080p, 3D games in the near future and that Nvidia 3D Vision has the capability of displaying them in their full 1080p glory.  Without waiting for months on end for projector compatibility updates to the 3D Vision software. I was pretty impressed with the BenQ overall, but Art did mention that the black level on the pre-production unit was not quite as good as the Acer H9500BD.  That all could change when he gets the finished production model within the next couple of weeks.  Also keep in mind that the BenQ is priced significantly higher than the Acer, so the Acer is still the better overall value. I should get a production model of the Epson 5010 to review for gaming in mid January.  I doubt the 3D gaming aspect will work on the PC *crosses fingers*, but I still can't wait to game on it nonetheless. -Ebenezer

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