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Epson Home Cinema 3020e Projector Lag Test

Epson Home Cinema 3020 This round of testing is with all of the special features turned off.At 90-100ms lag based on comparison with my Planar LCD, the 3020e is a poor performer for gaming. All of the lag tests I have conducted are with the same monitor, so it will give you a fairly accurate idea of how good, or poor the projector performance is. As people have commented on my other lag tests, I have no CRT to test the lag on my monitor. If a projector is performing 100ms worse than my monitor, then it is safe to say it is a poor performer.




I then turned on all of the features, super resolution, iris, etc.. The performance did not change, it was a consistent 90-100ms slower than my monitor. I then set the image processing to "Fast", there was a slight improvement. The improvements were not consistent, as you can see below:


The Epson was very disappointing in the lag department, but most LCD's are. It might be OK for casual gamers, but anyone who takes care of business will not be impressed.

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