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Optoma GT750 Gaming Projector

Greetings, Well, I really enjoyed the time I spent with the earlier version of this projector, the Optoma GT720.  I also enjoyed the time I spent with the GT750, mainly because... they are pretty much identical when it comes to gaming performance.  There are a couple added benefits to getting the GT750, such as it's brighter, it supports HDMI version 1.4a for Blu-ray 3D, and it comes packaged with an RF emitter.  I will borrow a lot of the text from the GT720 review, as not much has changed in regards to my view of the GT720/GT750.  It is portable and comes with a carrying case, just like its predecessor. I tried some PC gaming in 3D on the GT750, and as with the Optoma HD33 I was unable to get it up and running.  The problem is the Nvidia software, most of the projectors on Nvidia's compatibility list are over a year old.  Or projectors you wouldn't want to game on to begin with (business projectors). It would be nice to get the compatibility done from the launch date of the projectors, as it makes it hard to review 3D PC gaming on a new projector that is not compatible.  It seems to take Nvidia several months to update their drivers to work with newer projectors.  We usually get new projectors to review, thus no chance at 3D PC gaming.  It would be nice if Nvidia got the projectors early, and had the drivers ready to run at the time of the projector's release.  Maybe Nvidia can work this out with the projector manufacturers, or maybe Art would be able to collaborate with Nvidia in an effort to get things going. I did get to play a good deal of Mafia II, and Batman Arkham Asylum.  They are both Nvidia confirmed, 3D Vison Ready PC games.  Both looked excellent, with the exception of the poor black levels.  A lot of Mafia II and Batman Arkham Asylum take place in darker environments.  That is when better black levels would help the most, unfortunately they are a bit of a letdown on the GT750.  For the price they are "acceptable", but just barely. I would appreciate any input if anyone has been able to game in 3D with the current Nvidia drivers on the Optoma GT750.  One of the comments had a link to a site with a workaround for the Optoma HD33, but unfortunately when it game to PC gaming there was a TON of lag.  PC gaming with lag pretty much makes the 3D gaming aspect useless. I will get to the meat of things since much hasn't changed since the GT720 as far as 2D gaming is concerned: The Good: Full support for HDMI 1.4a/Blu-ray 3D No lag Great shadow detail Very bright (brighter than it's brother the GT720) Awesome portability Easy to set-up (when used as a portable) Built in speakers Short throw (great for console systems using motion controls) RF emitter included The Bad: The colors while gaming never seemed quite “right” The remote is very basic, and has a cheap feel to it No lens shift is a negative, but keep in mind this is an entry level DLP projector The Ugly: Black levels (if you can even call them black) No zoom lens Short throw (a negative for those looking to use this as a home theater projector on the cheap) Conclusion: If this were my first projector, the Optoma would have blown me away.  So, don’t let my negatives scare you off too much, I am a bit jaded.  If you are looking to get into front projection on a budget, and want something that handles gaming very well, then this is your projector.  It does a respectable job on movies as well; and 480p cable/satellite programming will look much better on this, than a 1080p projector.  I can honestly say that is where a 720p projector beats out a 1080p projector any day, on standard definition programming.  I really wish the 3D PC gaming would have worked out, but I can't blame the GT750 for that. I would definitely recommend this projector for 2D gaming, and 3D movie/3DTV viewing.  If 3D gaming is your thing, then you may want to hold off a few months until this makes it on the Nvidia 3D Vision compatible list.  You can check that out here: Again, I really love this little guy.  It would make an amazing first projector for any of you gamers out there.  The price is low enough, I just wish it would have come with at least one pair of 3D glasses.  If you are including the RF emitter, you should throw in at least one pair...right? Until we meet again, I am not sure what my next blog will be, hopefully a Nvidia 3D compatible projector...LOL. -Ebenezer

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