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Optoma PK320 Pico Projector Gaming Review

Greetings, Let me start with this, this is not a gaming projector by any means.  This Pico is tiny, and I mean SUPER tiny.  My wife, and daughter thought it was extremely "cute".  I guess that is the reason I was VERY disappointed with it.  It does have HDMI, but it is a mini HDMI input and they didn't bother to include an adapter.  Not to mention I tried two separate adapters, with three different HDMI cables and my PS3 would not display on this projector.  I tried messing with the resolution settings on the PS3 with no success. You are able to game on a PC, because the adapter did work for that purpose and the VGA works as well.  I put in an hour of gaming on my PC, and I realized that this was nowhere near satisfactory to game on.  I watched a movie on it as well, which is perfectly fine if you are looking to spend $400 for 480p.  Other than the size, and brightness for its size, there wasn't much I could find to like.  I will just get to the meat of things, because I know gamers would be disappointed by this purchase.  I know Art is putting in a review on this soon.  Maybe this is better suited for a business, or travel situation. The Good: Size (very small) Brightness (for its size) when plugged in.  You will lose a lot of brightness while running it off of the battery Lamp life is excellent The colors were very good while watching movies, especially for something so tiny The Bad: Built-in speaker is adequate, but not much to right home about The Ugly: Quite possibly the worst menu interface I have encountered The remote is poor quality, it's on par with the a remote control you get with an off brand car stereo receiver.  The button layout is poor, and a bit confusing as well Black level is poor Shadow detail is poor Overpriced for what it is, a more realistic price would be $149-$199 based on performance PS3 would not display through the mini HDMI port when I tried to game on it They claim you can project up to a 150" screen.  The picture looked VERY soft at anything above about 50 inches, and it would be difficult to place the projector to get a 150" screen Conclusion: I know this was just sort of a transitional projector review, as Art didn't have anything else I could take at the moment.  I was really let down by this one.  I have reviewed two other picos, and I was thoroughly impressed with the first, and the second was good, not great.  I am not sure what the appeal of this projector is supposed to be, I look forward to checking out Art's review.  I just want to know how this performs from a business aspect.  If you are a gamer, definitely pass on this one.  Pick up a QUMI instead, you'll be happy you did! - Ebenezer

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