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Review - Acer H6510BD

Hello All! Back again with an Acer review.  This time it is the H6510BD.  Retailing at $799, this is an entry level projector that supports native 1080p and 3D.  I'm usually pretty impressed with these entry level projectors.  Read on to find out what I think about the Acer H6510BD First, this projector is tiny.  The H6510BD comes with a nice travel bag and I can easily see taking it over to a friends hows.  It's almost as portable as a laptop.   However, it does have pretty limited placement flexibility.  As you'll notice from the pictures.  I had to move the Acer H6510BD basically front and center to get the image to fit. Overall image quality was pretty considering the price.  It wasn't fabulous, but the color balance was good enough to not be distracting.   The blacks were a dark gray, which is to be expected in this price range. The built in speakers on the Acer H6510BD were tinny, but did a decent job.  It could give you sound when in a pinch.  It also sports the audio out connection which I love to see.  🙂 The lag times are perfect.  0 ms.  There aren't any extra features like frame interpolation that I could find that would skew this number.  Less processing means faster response times.  🙂
The Acer H6510BD projector.

The Acer H6510BD projector.

That's what I always hope to see when I run these tests.  Pretty darn good. I was unable to test 3D on this projector because it did not ship with 3D glasses to test, so I cannot comment on its performance.  The projector did seem plenty bright, so I don't think brightness should be a concern. Overall, I would recommend this as a great entry level gaming projector.  Compact, bright and ~0ms input lag.  A couple things I would watch out for- placement flexibility is not the best on this projector, so plan accordingly.  Also, the remote was nicely laid out, but did not light up.  A small annoyance, but a feature that I look for. So...that wraps up the review, but... As you may have noticed, I've been a bit absent here over the past few months.  I apologize for that, but I've recently been very busy at work and have not had time to answer comments or do reviews.  Art is restructuring the site and we have both agreed that I discontinue writing for now.  I've very much enjoyed writing these reviews and I hope some of you folks out there found them helpful.  I'll try to answer any questions or comments you may have over the next few weeks.  Thanks for reading and take care everyone! 🙂 Happy gaming, and farewell. -Pete

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