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Gaming Projector Review - Acer H9500BD

Hey All! It's been a while (sorry about that), I've been caught up in some projects recently at work.   Art shipped me this projector a little while back and I was able to spend some time with it.   The Acer H9500BD is a 1080p projector that sports features like frame interpolation and 3D.   It is in the price range of the w1070 and may be a good alternative.  Read on to find out how it compares! First, this projector is very bright.  I don't know if it was my small room, but it seemed to affect the overall black levels as a result.   The blacks in dark scenes of Resident Evil 5 seemed a bit gray.  The Acer gave plenty of detail, it just couldn't muster up the deep inky blacks I look for. The colors also seemed a bit off...   They seemed neon and digital looking.  I know Mike had mentioned this in his review, I just thought I'd point it out as well. The size of the projector was appealing.  I wouldn't say "portable" but not too large to easily pack up, and the Acer H9500BD has good placement flexibility (especially for a DLP). The 3D on the H9500BD seemed a bit lack luster to me.   It functioned perfectly fine, it was just less blown away than I have been with some of the other projectors I have seen.  I know it may sound weird, but the H9500BD seemed less 3D than some of the other 3D projectors I've tested.  The W1070 and the Epson had punchier 3D. Having said this, the 3D on the H9500BD was plenty bright, just not as punchy. That brings us to input lag.  The H9500BD does extremely well. ~15ms (0-30ms range) with Frame Interpolation OFF.  This is exactly where I would like to see all projectors.  Zero perceived input lag while playing Amplitude.

When we turn on FI you can see how these numbers increase to ~100ms.   I don't have a problem with this.  I understand there are tradeoffs, so this is no surprise and should be of no concern.

Overall, I do like this projector.  I would personally prefer the W1070 because of overall image quality.  But the H9500BD is a very good projector and a serious competitor to the W1070.  It has great input lag performance, a TON of inputs options and for someone looking for something a bit brighter, this is a great choice. That's all for now, Pete

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