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Review - Optoma GT750 Gaming Projector

Hello All! Before I left for Austin, I had a chance to sit down and play with the Optoma GT750 projector for a while.  Sometimes it takes a little time apart to fully appreciate what you had.  One thing is certain, seeing the Optoma GT750 reminded my how much I really enjoyed the GT720. I found it to be remarkably similar to its younger brother (the Optoma GT720),  In fact, I found them so similar it was difficult to take note of the differences without seeing them side by side.   Just like it's sibling, Optoma's GT750 projector is built for gamers on a budget.  It throws an extremely bright and respectably sharp image and is right at home in a shelf mount (or floor mount?) configuration.  It also is awesomely portable.  I cannot stress enough how the "plug and play" feel of this projector is it's greatest asset.  It's light, small, its built-in-speakers are mighty enough to actually use, and the included travel backpack makes it too easy to pack up and walk to a friends.   Also, I can't forget to mention...ZERO input lag.  Yes, the Optoma G750 projector matched its younger brother's impressive result with ZERO input lag.                   Now, just like with the Optoma GT720, there are a a few "shortcomings" I should mention.  The  Optoma GT750 sports a 2x color wheels and rainbows are seen fairly easily by those susceptible.  The black levels and shadow detail (and sometimes resolution) on the GT750 cannot match those on the projectors that retail for a few hundred dollars more.  Its partially due to the fact that this projector throws 2000+ lumens, but honestly, at $749 MSRP can you really complain?   And at that price the GT750 even includes the 3D glasses! That brings us to the main difference between the GT720 and the GT750.  First,  the Optoma GT750 is able to play 3D content from BluRay discs as well as from PCs with 3D enable graphics cards.   The Optoma GT720 can only do 3D from 3D ready PCs.   If you purchase the Optoma GT750 projector it includes the 3D transmitter and  one pair of 3D glasses, the GT720 does not. From a purely visual standpoint it was very hard to compare these two projectors.  I really think Optoma improved the 3D capabilities of the GT720 projector to include BluRay movies and bundled it with the transmitter and a pair of3D glasses and called it the GT750.  If they made any other improvements to the projector they were very small.  I'm curious to see what Art has to say in his full review. Now, I know I promised a 3D inclusive review, but after many hours on tech support, Optoma and I concluded that the transmitter and the glasses I received with the unit were not functional.   I know...bummer!     They offered to send replacements, but my time with the GT750 was up and I needed to send the GT750 to Art before I packed up and left for Texas.  I was totally ready for some 3D gaming, but not this time.   Sorry folks...believe me, I'm disappointed too.  Hopefully next time! To wrap things up, I want to say I really like this projector.   I think it will be the benchmark for budget gaming projectors I review in the future.   Yes, there are better choices for home theater enthusiasts, but the GT750 is great choice for gamers who have limited space, are on a budget and are aching for a little 3D. That's all for now! -Pete   BTW...I'm all setup in Austin, TX and ready to go.  Art says he should have a bunch of projectors for me to check out in the next couple weeks.  Including some of the next round of competitive home theater projectors.  Stay Tuned!        

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