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2013 Home Theater Projector Report - Update

Greetings, home theater projector fans.  I am sorry to inform you that this year's Home Theater Projector Comparison report won't go live this weekend.  After much writing, and even more  frustration, I've scrapped most of the report format used in previous years!  The result should be a better report yet a shorter one.  And it will be  far, far, less redundant. Panic Not.  The delay in the Home Theater Projector report will only take a few more days.  In the meantime, I will go forward, and publish this year's winners on Sunday evening, but without the 50+ pages of sometimes rambling, supporting information. The new Home Theater Projector Comparison Report report will be significantly shorter. Here's the good news: Accompanying the report, and including some of the best content repeated in each year's report, will be our first ever: Guide To Buying The Right Home Theater Projector For You. Sometimes it takes me years for the lightbulb to go off.  (Switching to LED!)  It finally did.  The problem with all the previous HT Projector Comparison Reports is that, at the end of the day, it picked the best projectors.  Of course these projectors cover a wide range of abilities (and prices), with some projectors much better for one person's type of use, some better for different type of usage - or environment. The new Guide To Buying the Right Home Theater Projector For You, takes a different approach.  It will help you understand your needs.  It is User-centric, rather than Projector-Centric.  The Guide will help you understand your own situation, and enough about projector features, that you should have little problem figuring out which great projector is definitely the one for you, and which other great projectors no matter how great they are, simply aren't a good match.  Our first attempt at something like this, of course is the 5-part video series we published a few months ago, Home Theaters: Choosing The Right Projector for Your Family or Media Room (click for part one, which covers brightness). For you serious enthusiasts out there, there will be plenty in the Guide, that you already know, but there should be some good info for you to find.  For those considering your first home projector, and others who simply aren't fanatical about the details, this Guide  should be just what you need, to gain a quick, and good understanding.  And I promise it won't be "novel" length, more like a short story or three. We are already planning at least one other video that ties into the guide: Choosing the Right Projector for your Home Theater or Cave. Sorry for the delay!  both Guide and Report will be completed by the end of next weekend.  Come April 1st and I have to be working on our time sensitive Education Projector report that I publish each year.  -art

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