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A Few More Projectors from CES 2015

As expected, not a whole lot of projector action here at CES.  The Sony VPL-VW350ES was the obvious big announcement on the home theater side, at this years show. That said, so far I've also met with Sony, BenQ, Viewsonic, LG and Vivitek so far.  BenQ really didn't have anything new to show off.  They had their HT1085, the short throw version of the HT1075 I've previously reviewed. More interesting in their booth was their color matching system, Colorific,  in action demo'd on one of their projectors and compared to their color matching professional monitors.  While one could consider that projector (which I'll go into more detail after the show) a crossover suitable for home use, it really is intended for commercial applications, bringing the ability to get accurate color for use wherever needed.  (more on that later) Viewsonic had a bit more going on.  They were showing off several new projectors and also gave me a run through as to what's coming in the next few quarters. The two new models that are shipping this quarter are the PJD5 series:  PJD5153, and PJD5555W, both 3200 lumens.  XGA and WXGA respectively, if I recall correctly.  (I've just seen too many products, my brain is fogging up).  They are sporting Viewsonic's Lightstream color matching (see a trend here?)

PJD5555W Widescreen Projector with Lightstream color matching

I'm playing catch-up with Viewsonic.  They've started shipping their PJD-7822HD (image below).  The PJD7822HD is a refresh on the very popular PJD-7820HDL, which was the first low cost 1080p projector at $699 a couple years ago.

ViewSonic-PJD7822HD 3D Projector with 3200Lumens and Full-HD resolution

The refresh boosts brightness to 3200 lumens, and according to Viewsonic, the firmware has also been updated, so that we should expect slightly better color performance... Viewsonic is shipping me one to review, but give me 30 days, the projectors are stacking up in the testing room! LG sported several new pocket sized solid state projectors, which included the new PW700 - yes 700 lumens and very small.  I really didn't get a full tour, so I'll have to dig through their press releases to provide more info on this one, and some others.  Below is the PW700 (WXGA 1280x800 resolution).  Below, along with some images from the projector room in their booth.  The PW700 sports Bluetooth audio.

LG PW700 - 700 lumen pocket projector


LG PW700 in room, it's the one pointing up!


LG PW700 looked great, and this room although definitely not bright, looked brighter than seen in this image!

That brings us to Vivitek, which will be launching the new Qumi 6 pocket projector, which I'll cover in another blog.  They also showed their ultra short throw projector with attachment to provide multi-screen capabilities (for example in the classroom), which will allow the projector to display multiple images simultaneously from four different sources - such as smart phones, computers, tablets, at the same time.  A teacher or trainer can select which of 64 (I think) different sources to display.  This isn't new tech, but the first I've seen from Vivitek, and their interface is very user friendly, something the instructor will appreciate.  Shown below displaying different sources in 3 of the four windows.

Vivitek's ultra short throw projector doing multi-screen

Finally, to round things out, in the TI (DLP) booth, I saw a new pocket projector from ASUS, that I want to review.  Like the LG it is 700 lumens, but get this, this one is designed to run for multiple hours on internal batteries!

Asus Pocket Projector - 700 lumens, battery operation!

OK, that's it for now, back to the show floor.  Today I will spend almost all my time looking at Smarter Home Automation gear and solutions, including various Z-Wave products.  I've been talking to Fibaro, Nexia, Insteon, and a host of others so far.  I'll be blogging at the end of the show about all that "stuff" in my home automation blog.   -art

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