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Art to be podcasting about new products from CES!

Well hello there everyone! It's Lisa here, Art's daughter - the unsung hero. You can thank me for all the pretty images you see on Projector Reviews (I've spent many, MANY hours making sure his reviews look nice for you all). I'm blogging to let you know about an exciting new thing Dad's doing at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)... He'll be podcasting! We're trying out a fun new app called "Spreaker," which allows one to make podcasts and/or live broadcasts right from your iPhone or Android and to post them online... Sounds cool to me. Dad (errr, Art) will be providing brief commentary on some of the new products he comes across at CES, especially tonight (1/9)! Our Twitter feed will be updating live as Art uploads his two-cents, so make sure you follow us on Twitter if you don't already @projectorreview! You can also access the podcasts directly on Spreaker's nifty little website, here! We'll be experimenting with this program, but it seems promising! Stay tuned from news from CES! -Lisa

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