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Behind This Door - Projector Number 1: Optoma GT750 Game Projector

Greetings everyone, just a heads up.  I'm finished with the 3D capable, Optoma GT750 gaming projector review, except for: 1.  Finishing writing up the projector review and posting it.   I'm trying for late tonight, but definitely posted by end of day Sunday - Oct 2. 2.  Getting to the bottom of why I'm having problems getting their RF - VESA 3D glasses to work.  Note, that their older DLP-Link glasses work just fine.  I will update the review in a few days when I have that solved. 3.  Getting feedback from Pete, who got to play with it for gaming, then sent it to me for the full review. 4.  Scott S (Ebeneezer Stooge), our other gaming blogger just picked the projector up from me, two hours ago, for his take on its gaming abilities. He, like Pete (Bitbound) will write up their opinions on their respective gaming blogs, and provide me a summary to include in the review itself.  (Obviously Scott S's input will be posted after the review, since I won't have his feedback for several days. The long and short of the GT750 gaming projector from Optoma:
  • 720p native resolution
  • Very short throw - sits only about 5 feet from the screen to fill a 100" diagonal 16:9 screen
  • Supports 1080 resolution 3D content, including Blu-ray 3D, works with all 3D content I've recorded from DirecTV as well
  • Rather bright - respectable brightness for 3D, in brightest mode, over 2000 lumens, does very respectable job on 3D at 100" diagonal sizes, unlike many far more expensive projectors that are at best, half as bright
  • Lightweight (under 7 lbs.)  and portable (even comes with its travel backpack)
  • Includes one pair of active glasses
  • MSRP:  $799
OK, stay tuned for the imminent review of the Optoma GT750, Optoma's soon to be shipping flagship GameTime projector.  -art

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