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BENQ W1000 Projector! - It's Arrived, At last!

Yes, the $999 BenQ home theater projector, the W1000, has finally landed on my doorstep (Friday afternoon).  I watched it last night for the first time, but not ready to comment.  (Other than it's definitely got some lumens.  (In "best" mode, it's definitely brighter than my RS20 (though remember my projector now has 1000 hours on the lamp, but still should be outputting close to 500 lumens.  The BenQ remained slightly brighter, even when I put the BenQ into eco-mode. Initial out of the box color is a bit over the top, but easily cleaned up by a significant reduction in color saturation.  Brilliant color adds lots of lumens, and it was only BC off, and lamp on eco, that got the W1000 brightness in line with what's left of my RS20. Hey, it's a $999 projector. Black levels are nothing to write home about... But, I still have the Mitsubishi HC3800 and the $999 Vivitek H1080FD for side by side comparisons.  I'll let you know. That's it! One more blog to do, with the current update on what's next, etc. -art PS. as you all know, I'm juggling multiple 1080p home theater projector reviews at once, trying to get them all posted in 2 weeks so I can get out the big comparison report.

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