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BenQ W1070 projector review posting tonight

Greetings Everyone. This W1070 review is coming.  Lori's already doing first proofing of most pages.  We're heading out to celebrate a close friends birthday, and when we return in a few hours, I'll start writing the Summary page. With luck the review will be posted between 11:30 and 1:am tonight. People, even if the review isn't worth the wait, the W1070 is.  Consider:This is a pretty amazing projector for the money.  I can't think of a better one.  Oh, as you all know already, it doesn't have the black levels of the better $2500+ projectors, and it certainly lacks a lot of advanced features, such as CFI and (lately) smart dynamic contrast systems like Sony's Reality Creation. But, it calibrates (with Brilliant Color On) at over 1700 lumens, and that's with our conservative measurements.  3D is real good, and the calibration looks excellent. BTW as I mention multiple times in the review.  I got sloppy yesterday, the projector wasn't perfectly focused when I shot the HDTV and mode images.  I'll try to replace those when I get back from CES, but, there are plenty of really sharp images there. OK, I'm getting back to it.    Stay tuned!  -art

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