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BenQ W5000 Home Theater Projector - Revisited

Greetings all, As all of you who read my W5000 review, I found the projector to be overall, one of the best affordable 1080p projectors out there, in terms of picture quality, except for one significant failing. That issue is high levels of image noise. I've been keeping in touch with the folks at BenQ, with the hopes that a new version will solve the problem sufficiently. Here's where things stand: The W5000 I reviewed was one of the first to have firmware version 1.08. Since then, BenQ has released 1.12. I asked the nice people at BenQ if 1.12 solved the problem. They report a small improvement in noise levels, but are hoping to have an even better version (in the not too distant future - we hope). In fact, here's what one of my contacts sent to me specifically: "What's shipping from BenQ are 1.12, and we are working on the next version which I thought will be a more significant improvement. The one you tested it was 1.08. What's shipping now is 1.12.   1.12 the overscan issue is solved, but only minor improvement done on noise. We are working on even more improvement."   Based on that response - and their recommendation, I don't plan to take a look at 1.12, but will hold out for the next version, which - it seems, promises a significant improvement. And that would tend to make the W5000 the best lower cost 1080p DLP around, if they can pull it off. BTW, still no ship date from them on W20000 projectors here in the US. -art  

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