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BenQ W600 3D 720p home projector - just arrived!

Greetings all, I've been remiss in terms of keeping you all posted as to what's coming.   So, here's the plan, starting with the BenQ W600.  That's right, it's 3DTV time! I just hooked up the low cost W600 a few minutes ago (haven't even fired it up, as I have to head out, shortly).   So far, I have the projector, and, in my garage, a 3D enhanced projector screen from Da-lite, that I need to assemble. And I should (hopefully) have at least one or two pieces of 3D content to try, by the end of this coming week. Expect a "first look" blog on the W600 probably Tuesday. Then the fun begins: LG - finally, I'm now "plugged in" or so I'm told.  LG says I will have one of their CF181D LCoS home theater projectors no later than this coming Friday, the 12th. The LG CF181D is about a $2500 LCoS, so it's a direct competitor to other LCoS projectors, including the more expensive JVC RS15, the Sony VPL-HW15, and the Cinetron HD700 that I just reviewed and posted. A host of business/education projectors are inbound, but, as this is my home theater blog, I won't bore you with the details. And To round out February, either a JVC RS15 or an RS35 should arrive! As to the long awaited W1000 BenQ projector, well, I'm still waiting.  They've promised twice already, but last time, said, "sorry, but you can do the W600 3D projector instead, for now. Which is exactly how I got to this point. BTW, after the JVC, I'll be taking two full weeks to put together my annual 1080p Projector Comparison Report.  (then back to the grind). That's it for now, except to say, no, I didn't successfully hook up with Epson on Thursday or Friday, so no update on the red line problem affecting some owners. More on that, as it develops.  -art

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