BenQ W600 3D 720p home projector – just arrived!

Greetings all,

I’ve been remiss in terms of keeping you all posted as to what’s coming.   So, here’s the plan, starting with the BenQ W600.  That’s right, it’s 3DTV time!

I just hooked up the low cost W600 a few minutes ago (haven’t even fired it up, as I have to head out, shortly).  

So far, I have the projector, and, in my garage, a 3D enhanced projector screen from Da-lite, that I need to assemble.

And I should (hopefully) have at least one or two pieces of 3D content to try, by the end of this coming week.

Expect a “first look” blog on the W600 probably Tuesday.

Then the fun begins:

LG – finally, I’m now “plugged in” or so I’m told.  LG says I will have one of their CF181D LCoS home theater projectors no later than this coming Friday, the 12th.

The LG CF181D is about a $2500 LCoS, so it’s a direct competitor to other LCoS projectors, including the more expensive JVC RS15, the Sony VPL-HW15, and the Cinetron HD700 that I just reviewed and posted.

A host of business/education projectors are inbound, but, as this is my home theater blog, I won’t bore you with the details.

And To round out February, either a JVC RS15 or an RS35 should arrive!

As to the long awaited W1000 BenQ projector, well, I’m still waiting.  They’ve promised twice already, but last time, said, “sorry, but you can do the W600 3D projector instead, for now.

Which is exactly how I got to this point.

BTW, after the JVC, I’ll be taking two full weeks to put together my annual 1080p Projector Comparison Report.  (then back to the grind).

That’s it for now, except to say, no, I didn’t successfully hook up with Epson on Thursday or Friday, so no update on the red line problem affecting some owners. More on that, as it develops.  -art

News and Comments

  • brian

    oh boy…. I have to wait another 2 weeks but glad to heard that you’re finally hook w/ LG. wanted to see your review on new model(cf181d) really bad. it will be nice if you can compare w/ panny ae4ku.
    how about LG’s newer model(cf3d) which reveal this may? thanks art.

  • Hugo Tremblay

    Ah at last! Can’t wait for the LG CF181D impressions Art! “The other site” might have liked it, but I won’t buy a projector before it receives your blessing!

    But meanwhile, speaking of projectors you know about. What’s your take on Epson 8500ub vs. Benq W6000? I keep going back and forth between these two. I like a sharp and bright image with “pop”, and since I do quite a bit of gaming on it I want a quick response time, which leans me towards the W6000, but I worried about the noise.

    Oddly enough, the Benq is a little cheaper than the Epson here in Canada…



  • Matthieu

    Hi Art.
    I did not know where else to write this so,…
    I went to the ISE here in Holland with a friend of mine.
    Saw many Beamers.
    I have to say that the Epson on a 120″/ scrteen was VERY dim.
    The whole time I had the feeling that I wanted to wash my eyes out to see more details which where driven away by the blacks and the missing lightpower.
    The most surpricing was Samsung with there new A900 beamer.
    50% more blacks than there A800 model.

    A much bigger surprice was to see Joe Kane himself demonstrating the Pro Color/Da-Lite Affinity screen there.
    No hotspot and perfect screen.
    He also demonstrated this screen with that new Samsung A900 projector.
    It was perfect aspecially in the corners and very easy to calibrate.

    He is a very nice guy and very easy to talk to.
    He told us that ABC had all the important guy’s there having this combination at there home so they had a good referense for how their movies must look like.
    We told him that this must made him very proud.
    What else could he say than yes.

    When we left that showroom a Japanese man (Looked important) asked us if we got enough information.
    I could only say “I’ve met Joe Kane in person.
    The man looked very happy to see myy reaction.
    I think he had to pay top dollars to get Joe Kane there to demonstrate, and it was not for nothing haha.

    Now I’m sure you can feel it coming,…
    Here’s the big question,…
    When are YOU getting that Samsung A900 in for review??
    Also I’m sure you have to get a new reference screen for reviewing too, cause I’ve seen the FireHawk too, but he,… it’s a nice screen but the Affinity gave me a WOW felling after seeing the result of what it could do.
    You’ll get Joe Kane with it.;)
    To install and demonstrate I ofcourse 😀 😀 😀

    That last part was all a joke ofcourse

    Cant wait for your review /comparisons.
    Also because JVC was the big missing company there.
    WHAT??? Yes.
    ISE is the CEDIA of Europe and JVC was noyt there.
    Last year they where but did not showed their Beamers in a showroom, so this time they did not even bother to come.
    Beats me.
    I would have been walking from the Samsung/Affinity to the JVC/Affinity and back the whole afternoon

    Oh yeah and Cristie was there too, but who can afford a beamer like that axcept the big Cinema’s.
    But they gave free esspresso’s and free bear, so who cares.
    Cristie, your always wellcome.

    So Art,… I know this is strange, but normally you gave us so much and I thought,… ohh well lets give something back to you, and maybe this will give us a new review too, of the Samsung A900 soon from your part.
    HUH,… I have to read that again.

    • Hi Matthew, I don’t know where to start, so just a couple of quick comments:
      Epson, dim on a 120″ screen – I fully concur, as I’ve pointed out, in my room the 8500ub does not have the lumens – in best mode, to fill my 128″ firehawk. I generally recommend keeping the 8500ub or EU equivalent, to 110 inch screens max, unless you are going with a particularly high gain screen.
      As to the Samsung, I’ve been trying for months to lay my hands on one. Last time around they sent me the A600. Well, still waiting, but I gave up on including it in the big report. I’ve seen the A900 though in the usual pitch black trade show booth demo room, and chatted with Joe about it. Joe is normally with the A900 as Samsung goes from one trade show to the next. Samsung, and Da-lite are Joe’s most visible efforts out there. That’s his thing. Very sharp. But, I don’t agree with him, on a lot of points. None more than black levels.

      JVC, even here for shows, JVC usually prefers to show their stuff off site, at a theater, or some such place. I’m surprised if they had no presence at all, but then, if they were strickly offsite, you’d probably have to be a dealer, or press, to know where or when, since they wouldn’t be in the show directories.

      Bottom line, would have liked to review the 900, but one can only ask so many times. No doubt right after my 1080p report goes up, then Samsung will call and say – ah got one for ya. (That’s what happened last year with the sony VW70.

      OK, gotta go. -a
      Screens – well the affinity screen is going to be brighter than a Firehawk, and with different properties. I haven’t worked with one, but Da-lite will send me one when ready. Thing is, I have too many screens now. If all goes well, Lori and I move late summer into a new house, where I’ll have a much better setup for doing reviews. At that point, I’ll likely add the Affinity. The Firehawk is a high contrast gray. That inherently means it is going to vary in brightness depending on angle. But, it helps greatly in terms of getting decent blacks, and rejecting side ambient light – two things a screen like the Affinity can’t do. It is certainly considered a very good screen (the Affinity). But, generally the screen gets more matched to the room, than the projector, or rather, screen choice should be based on everything – projector, mounting distance, room in terms of walls, ceilings, ambient light…

      Joe is a fanatic for perfect color. That’s been the history of his Samsung projects (goes back at least 4 years, I think). He’s always been less focused on black levels. Me, I’d rather have a projector that’s 97% as good at color on bright scenes, but looks 400% better on dark ones. I’ve never seen a Samsung with great blacks, although the best I can tell, the A900 isn’t bad. That said, (and purely conjecture), it probably barely makes my definition of “ultra high contrast” in terms of black performance. If it does, then my guess is it’s black performance is probably about PT-AE4000 level, but definitely short of the Epson 8500UB. Or maybe not even that good. Hard to say, but my recollection is primarily – “finally some decent blacks” rather than “cool, Samsung finally has a projector with great blacks.

      So, that’s all I have to go on, a couple of looks at the projector at trade shows. I’ll keep trying to get one in, but it’s too late for this year’s report.

  • Kamus

    Wait, what do you mean a 3d enhanced screen from Da-lite?

    Do you mean a High Power to offset the brightness loss from 3d? or do you mean a silver screen?

    You don’t need a silver screen for 3d with shutter glasses, your existing screens would work just fine.

    Silver screens are only needed for polarized setups such as dual projection with either linear or circular polarized filters.

    So, if you have a 3d virtual gray from Da-lite you’ll actually get worse quality than you would with that projector since it will hotspot more, and have very limited viewing angles, avoid using a silver screen unless you have a polarized setup!

    • Hi Kamus, yes I had a conversation with Da-lite about the 3d silver screen. (Haven’t seen it yet. unboxing tonight.)

      Yes, I’m aware – regarding the shutter glasses, but, I expect to be playing with a lot of different 3D in the near future. And, I’m curious to see what it will do, with the shutter glasses… A learning experience. -a

  • Matt

    Great news! I hope you can keep it long enough to be able to compare it next to the Optoma HD66.

  • Claus T. Wiebe

    Unfortunately, your “annual 1080p Projector Comparison Report” will be very (IMHO) incomplete without a review of the Mitsubishi HC6800 projector.

    You could include information from last years HC6500, but the HC6800 is supposed to be improved over that model.

    One of the significant “undocumented” features of these projectors (HC5500/HC6500/HC6800/HC7000) is the capability of CIH operation without the use of an external Anamorphic lens. Switching between 2.35:1 and 16:9 (constant height image) is done with the “Aspect” button on the remote. The 2.35:1 image is the default image that one sees normally. The picture quality of the 16:9 image is still very good, since the re-scaling is being done by the Reon-VX processor.

    These projectors also have a “Shutter” function which uses video blanking to make the black bars as dark as possible (it sets the video signal to the panels to Digital 0 for the number of pixels designated – top, bottom, left side, and right side).

    NOTE: This CIH feature is also available on the new (DLP) HC3800. However, the HC3800 does not appear to have the Reon-VX processor, so the re-scaled 16:9 image may exhibit a loss of picture quality.

    • Hi Claus, It’s been a while,

      I’m going to have to do my homework, because, a lot of what you are saying just doesn’t sound quite right. Given, it’s been well over a year since I’ve had a Mitsubishi here for review, and the old memory isn’t perfect (no kidding!)

      But, relax. I got word today, that Mits is shipping an HC6800 out to me, tomorrow. So, it will be included.

      What I don’t recall, at all, relates to the anamorphic properties of those projectors. I’ve got an HC3800 here and will check out the aspect ratios, but I don’t understand what you are trying to say about the CIH. How is the 2.35:1 image the default???
      As to re-scaling, yes the Reon will do it nicely, but sorry, I’m definitely a 1:1 pixel mapping kind of guy, I hate keystone correction, overscan, etc. if I start with 1080p, I want to map it 1:1. But still, how can 2.35:1 be the default? -a