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BenQ's Serious Home Theater Projector - The New HT6050

What better time to tell you about BenQ’s sleek new flagship home theater projector, the HT6050, than as I’m heading to CEDIA.
Here’s a twist, BenQ won’t be exhibiting at CEDIA this year. Officially, the HT6050 was first announced mid-July,  Still, now is when home theater enthusiasts are “paying attention” due to the other announcements at the show.
Let's start with the basics - single chip DLP projector, boasting 2000 lumens, multiple lens options and 1080p resolution.
In terms of pricing, I didnt have any info when I first posted this, but have learned since that it will be about $3800.  It is on my (fairly long) short list to review.  BTW, I suspect that the HT6050 may be sold in other parts of the world as the W8000.

BenQ HT6050 - a 1080p DLP home theater projector with multiple lens options, fast speed for gaming, and REC709 color. THX certified!

Very Interesting for BenQ!  This BenQ is a step above previous models.  First of all, we’re talking about a the HT6050 offers a full selection of interchangeable lenses, lots of vertical lens shift, and even some horizontal shift, for excellent placement flexibility.  Don’t however, expect this to be another under $3000 DLP projector for home.
Projectors that offer interchangeable lenses are never that inexpensive, in fact some lenses are usually a couple of thousand dollars. BenQ has at least five, including an anamorphic lens for wide screens.
BenQ is selling the HT6050 through authorized integrator/dealers - you know, the folks that can install it, even perhaps calibrate it for you, not just hand you a box and wish you the best of luck.  BTW the HT6050 isn’t your typical small, sub-10 pound projector, rather it’s medium sized and weighs in just under 20 lb. (8.8kg) with the standard zoom lens.
Not only is the HT6050 ISF certified, with all the controls needed by those ISF trained projector and HDTV calibrators, but it is also the first single chip DLP projector to be THX certified as well.  That’s good stuff.  Of course, at the end of the day, it’s not the certifications that count but the picture on the screen.  Otherwise who would need reviewers like myself.  No surprise that BenQ is its release info and brochure is all about talking up accurate REC709 color space, aka, great color.
Lamp life is respectable, 2500 hours at full power and up to 6000.  That’s not great, but brighter projectors tend to have shorter lamp life claims.  Still, very reasonable. Audible noise is typical, which means many will favor the slight loss of brightness for longer lamp life and a quieter viewing experience.
This BenQ HT6050 supports the usual 3D formats and comes with a pair of active 3D glasses.
DLP projectors start out with very good contrast, this BenQ claims 50,000:1 contrast.
BenQ, I should mention, is really big - Huge! - when it comes to gamers - they have long had a line of extremely fast monitors that gamers love.  This HT6050 also touts low input lag, and you can even go wireless (up to 100 feet)  with their FHD wireless kit.  That kit claims zero latency, so it won’t slow down your gaming.

One of BenQ's optional FHD wireless kits with range to 100 feet, four HDMI inputs

On a personal note, I’ve long been a fan of BenQ’s home theater projectors.  Long ago, I owned three consecutive ones, when DLP’s ruled the world of black level performance.  I was extremely pleased with all three, both for performance, and build quality.  BenQ’s W7500 has been my top rated DLP projector two years in a row in our annual home theater report for projectors in the $2000 - $3500 range.
So while I haven’t gotten a look at the HT6050, I expect it to be a very “serious” projector worthy of consideration, especially in light of it’s DLP nature.  Strangely, after all these years, I still find something special about DLP projectors when it comes to rich colors on dark scenes.  I’m looking forward to this review. -art

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