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Blog from Outside Lands festival

Greetings, No projectors today, as this is the first day of the Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate park. I'm here with Lisa, the daughter, for three days, then across the bridge from San Francisco, to Berkeley where we unload her (and all her stuff) for another year of college. Should be a great festival with headliners including Phish, Muse, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Deadmau5, etc. Might even blog from the festival a couple of times, but no promises. Back to the grind, Tuesday night. Confirmed, one of the new Optoma 1080p projectors now promised before end of this month. On other matters, I am working on the 1080p home theater report, these days. Part, including the winners, will post late next week. Hang in there, while we enjoy a few days of great music at outside lands. Ps. Im a huge Arcade Fire fan (especially their 1st album. I heard Arcade Fire first time at Coachella festival a bunch of years ago...)   -art

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