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Buried in Projectors for the Home: Sony, AAXA, BenQ, and of course...

We've got home projectors sitting here to be reviewed - large and small, even tiny ones. Greetings projector fans! Don't worry, we're going to get around to all those new projectors shown at CEDIA, from the likes of JVC, Sony, and Epson, but while we're waiting for those to arrive, I've got a full house, starting with the smallest - the Sony MP-CL1, a tiny pico laser projector with a "massive" 32 lumens.

Projectors In House for Review: Sony, AAXA, BenQ

Then for those wanting a whole lot more brightness, but still in a  "pocket" projector size, I just unboxedthe 800 lumen AAXA P700HD.  It's been a while since our last review of an AAXA, but they do make some very impressive pico and pocket projectors.


The Sony MP-CL1 pico laser projector shown next to a large smart phone. This projector is a touch smaller than an iPhone 6 plus, super thin, amazingly portable.


I like the more powerful pocket projectors like the P700HD.  Lisa is currently reviewing a direct competitor, the Optoma ML750.  I see these as popular choices for today's millennials, who have cut the cord from cable and satellite, and use a pocket projector when appropriate - that is, when watching a movie on a laptop or phone just doesn't cut it.


AAXA P700HD is a very small, very light, pocket projector that manages to dazzle with 800 lumens


Then I've got to deal with a pair of BenQ projectors, the HC4050, and the similar, but not quite as bright or quite as well endowed HC3050.  Both tout REC 709 modes and claim very good out of the box color.

I just fired up the HC4050 two nights ago, to start my long term viewing.  Looks like another good sub-$1500 DLP projector.  The BenQ line-up's getting crowded, as there's also the HC2050, plus all those older BenQ projectors that never seem to go away (BenQ W1070, W1500, HT1075, etc.)


The BenQ HC4050 claims 2000 lumens, offers vertical and horizontal lens shift, but no dynamic iris


It's my hope to publish both the Sony, and the HC4050 within two weeks of this blog.  I better, cause there are a lot more to do, before  some of those new higher end projectors launched at CEDIA  start arriving soon -Sonys, JVCs and those high brightness Epsons, and even a Barco...

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