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CEDIA, Our Annual Best Home Theater Projectors Report, Are On Deck

Greetings projector fans. I had hoped to publish our annual report last week but only got a small part of it done before leaving on a family vacation. I'm back on Sunday, and will be hard at work on the report.I hope to have it up on the first day of CEDIA, but that's later than usual. Of course there will be new projectors launched at CEDIA, some of which I'm aware of, but am under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) until the day the show starts. I will likely publish our list of awards, a number of  typical overviews on different projectors in the report on the 17th. I have two interesting comparison articles ready for you as part of this years Best Home Theater Projectors report, which will be up at the same time.  One compares the Epson 5040UB with the JVC RS400U, and the other, the RS400U with the Sony VPL-VW365ES, which I have reviewed, and have started writing up, but who's publication will have to wait until post CEDIA.  Also in the queue, is one of Acer's home entertainment projectors.  I should have both published before month end. We didn't find many new home projectors to review this past year.  With most manufacturers now going to 2 or 3 year product cycles, the days of us reviewing upward of 20-25 home entertainment and home theater projectors a year seem behind us.  Wish there were more to review. Stay tuned for the awards, info on the new projectors from CEDIA, etc.  I may do a FaceTime live, or 3, from the show floor. Thanks! -art

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