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CEDIA Home Theater Projector Blogs - Coming Today and Tomorrow

Greetings from Dallas, all ye home theater projector fans.  Here's the short list of individual blogs I'm working on, of new home theater projectors that I know about so far.
CEDIA 2016

CEDIA 2016: HT projectors and smart home automation gear

Some I was briefed on many weeks ago, others by email the past few days. I've been on NDA - forbidden to share, until now (standard operating procedure).  No doubt I'll find more new home theater and home entertainment projectors at CEDIA to report on. Here's the short list for today: Epson launches Home Cinema 3100, 3700 and 3900 projectors - all under $2000, replacing the older 3XXX series. BenQ showing their HT6050 home theater projector.  Originally announced this summer, it's ISF and THX certified, 2000 lumens and more. Epson launches Pro Cinema L10500 laser projector, replacing the L10000.  Primary difference is support for HDR JVC will be showing their new flagship true 4K consumer projector, something to challenge Sony's VW5000ES.  Now we'll have a choice between 4K projectors that cost as much as a well endowed Lexus. Sony - Yes they have a new HT projector, but I can't tell you the model for a few more hours.  It will be in the blog this evening. I plan to attempt some Facebook Live events from the show floor Thursday and Friday.  Wish me luck and check them out. I'll also do some blogging on smart home - home automation gear, from our other site: Stay tuned!  -art

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