CEDIA Show – 7 new Epson Home Projectors – Summary

Greetings Home Theater Projector folks!

Over the last two days I’ve published blogs on all the new Epson projectors officially being announced this week at the CEDIA 2013 show in Denver.  This short blog serves as an overview, with links to each, for your convenience, and as a way to get them listed up on our homepage.  Pro Cinema series projectors are sold through authorized local dealers.  Home Cinema series projectors are sold through both authorized online, and local dealers.

Epson launches new G Series of Pro Cinema Projectors

Wow:  Three projectors:  Very Bright, Even Brighter, and Blindingly Bright.  These three are all 2D only.

Epson Pro Cinema G6900WU:  Epson’s new flagship, with 6000 lumens, great for media rooms, sports bars, family room, with tons of color and white lumens to cut through ambient light.  2D only, interchangeable lens options, lens shift, Creative Frame Interpolation, Crestron Room View, HDBaseT etc.  Split Screen supporting two HD inputs, Black finish, 3 year warranty with 3 year replacement program:  $7499

Epson Pro Cinema G6550WU:  Extremely similar to the G6900WU except:  52000 lumens, white case, lacks the HDBaseT but still has Crestron networking support.  Same 3 year warranty and replacement program:  $5999

Epson Pro Cinema G4885WU:  4000 Color and White Lumens – Uses different 3LCD panels than the two projectors above, with lower contrast performance, black finish, lacks CFI, HDBaseT, still has Crestron networking support and same 3 year warranty programs.  $3799!

New Epson 2D and 3D Home Theater Projectors “Replacing” last year’s projectors:

Pro Cinema 6030UB: Replaces the Pro Cinema 6020UB.  Very similar to its predecessor, but with even higher contrast, due, I believe to new LCD panels.  Pricing not yet set, but under $4000 with extra lamp, ceiling mount, and same warranty as other Pro Cinema series projectors (3 years, etc.)

Pro Cinema 4030:  This one isn’t a straight replacement, as Epson didn’t have a Pro Cinema projector below the 6020UB last year, other than the old Pro Cinema 9350, (3 years on the market), in a much older designed case, etc.  This new projector ends up in the same case with lens shift as the Pro Cinema 6030UB.  Different panels though, and lower contrast, but still a big boost in contrast (and black levels) compared to that old PC9350 or for that matter the newer Home Cinema 3020 launched last year.  2D and 3D, with two pair of 3D glasses:  Price to be “Under $3000”  we’ll find out exactly, at CEDIA on Thursday.

Home Cinema 5030UB and 5030UBe Projectors:  These are straight replacements, for last year’s best “available online), with enhanced contrast, improved 2D-3D conversion, White finished cabinet with black trim.  The UBe version offers Wireless HDMI, also improved over last year.  Prices not set, but since they say both are “under $3000, expect $2699 and $2999 respectively, basically newer, improved projectors for the same price as last year.  These come with 2 years parts and labor, with 2 year replacement programs.

As of now, it looks like the Home Cinema 3020 and 3020e will remain in the lineup for another year, while Epson has already added the new Home Cinema 2030 which we’ve reviewed and posted a video on already.

That’s it for Epson.  Nice of them to give me a look at these projectors in advance of the show.  Too bad most others make me wait until I get to CEDIA.

News and Comments

  • Martin Rock

    Thank you for the news. I can’t wait to see the reviews.

  • Derrick

    You should rename your website to ” Epson Projector Reviews”. No coverage on the new Sony projectors which is actually the real news during the last 2-3 weeks. 4K is here and Sony is leading the charge not Epson. I’ve owned four Epson 1080P projectors during the last three years and they are a good value. But to totally not cover what is truly the future, which Sony has now, is unacceptable and over-the- top biased towards old technology Epson projectors. How many readers need or even want a 4000 lum projector? But how many want a 4K projector. Granted they are expensive and If it were not for the price the Sony projectors would put the other mfg’s out of the projector business.
    I do remember someone stating earlier that wait till cedia 2013 because 4K will be here in full force, and that someone has yet to blog about the only mfg offering True 4K projectors.

    • Hi Derrick,

      Please lighten up (a little, ok, no offense? – re Epson Projector Reviews). I’m doing what I can. If you follow my Twitter account, I did tweet a couple times about the new Sony 4K projectors, but I really didn’t blog about any projectors from the show.

      Unlike Epson, I wasn’t allowed to leak about the Sony’s until they were formally announced last Thursday. Please understand, I am not a PROJECTOR News site, I run a Review site. Therefore I’m not trying to compete with others at the show to whom it’s important to be the first person heard. Note that all the Epson stuff I put up was before the show started, because I was allowed to.

      I had the new Sony VPL-VW600ES here two full weeks before the show, but I am under non-disclosure agreement, so couldn’t say a word until last Thursday. But I spent my time at the show mostly in meetings, in demos (including the Sonys), and classes, not reporting the “news” there’s plenty of sites for that.

      I am working on full blogs for the VPL-VW600ES and the VPL-VW1100ES, one or both will publish tonight/tomorrow. They will be similar in depth to what I wrote about the Epsons.

      Sadly, this show – projector wise – at least for projectors under $30,000 was pretty much only about Epson, Sony, JVC (both divisions) and Planar Runco (which launched the LS12 series (over $20K) – adding 3D and other improvements to the old LS10 projectors.

      No presence at all from the likes of BenQ, Optoma, Viewsonic, or even Panasonic. Since Epson managed to launch a new series of projectors so that you can count them for 7 total, it might not be the lowest number of projectors ever announced at CEDIA (ok since about 2003 when HT got rolling), but it certainly is the least number of manufacturers with new projectors.

      But Epson is really the only game in town with new projectors under $4999 at CEDIA! Unbelievable. 4 years ago, there probably were under $5000 projectors announced by at least 8 companies. In that sense, it was a terrible show for affordable home projectors.

      I plan to write about the dearth of new projectors in my blog this week. I was just realizing that this fall, I’ll be reviewing a number of business projectors simply because there aren’t enough home projectors to review. In past year’s I normally go from mid-Sept, to end of February reviewing only home projectors except for maybe one or two business projectors. This year…? weird. Well, look for my Sony blogs, and JVC blogs they are a coming! -art

  • Luke

    Lots of talk about Epson projectors. But how about the competition? When will Sony and Panasonic announce their new projector lineup? Is CEIDA an Epson-only show?

    • Luke, I’m putting together my blogs now on the new JVCs and Sonys and the new Runco. They will all publish in the next 48 hours. Sadly that was about it in terms of new projectors, although I never did check out the Digital Projection booth, but anything they would have would be $10,000+.