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December Projectors Update - and Projector Reviews new Home

Greetings all, OK, I haven't been writing much.  Today is the 27th day Projector Reviews Inc., myself, Lori, etc. are now living in our new home. That also means it's 28 days since we moved out of the last house, with all my gear packed up, and my two viewing rooms there, abandoned. I'm back in business!  Soon to be better than ever!  Here's the scoop on the two new rooms: Gone is the 128" Stewart Firehawk G3.  You won't be hearing, in new reviews, how well projectors did on that particular screen. New is the new house - better set up for reviewing.  It's not finished yet, but for the last 10 days it has been functional, and improving daily, in capabilities. First though the latest going on, in terms of reviews. The LG CF3D projector review has just been published.  I still have to do the screens page, and calibration.   There won't be a competitors page, because this is the only 3D projector reviewed anywhere near the price.  I'll try to have the other two pages up, in the next 48. I'm waiting for more home theater projectors.  Mike's Samsung - LED light source business projector just posted.  And Tony's posting a review of the interactive InFocus IN3916, but those probably aren't of much interest to most of you.   But I'm sitting here, ready to start a home theater review and have nothing new in house.  That's absolutely mazing for this time of year. Waiting patiently for the 4 new JVCs, the two new Sonys, the Epson R series, and so on. To keep busy, I'm working on all those new category pages on the site, like 3D projectors, lcd projectors, digital projectors, pico projectors...  One of the web guys wrote most of the content on those pages, and I'm finding many things I think need changing (and correcting) or expanding upon. If any of you should notice some "frontier gibberish" on those category pages, feel free to comment back to this particular blog.  I hope to have all of them re-written by early next week, but we shall see.   I've got a one day conference in LA on TV "3.0", and a Christie demo of projectors in concert, staging type environments. Then off to Las Vegas, for some work and play - I likely try to hook up with Evan, over at PC (he lives in Vegas) for lunch, and to catch up, and bitch about the industry. I'm also still plugging away at the pretty much now infamous and still missing 3D report.  I've published the LG CF3D review, and am working on writing up the Lightspeed 3D system, and several related pages about 3D.   I have to also write up the 3D sections for 3 other single chip 3D ready DLP projectors that Mike reviewed just covering them as standard 2D projectors. In other words, plenty to do here, but I really want to play with some all new home theater projectors, which hasn't happened yet this fall.  Most of those just mentioned - are sporting new "engines." I will of course, report as soon as I know that an interesting projector is inbound.  I hope one will surface in the next few days, so I can start on it next week. I'll take some photos of the rooms in a few days when they are clean enough (boxes everywhere), but downstairs I've got a testing room: It's about 16x11 (was a nice sized bedroom) with a side room off of it. The side room is a work area - all cheap shelving (but should be great for my junk).  It is about 4.5x8 feet.   The testing room has dark carpet (blue with some color, but dark - by any measure). The ceiling is black. Two opposite walls are medium blue-gray.  One wall is very dark blue, and one is a medium dark, redish brown.   On that brown wall, I can place two 3 foot wide white, or black panels.  If you are wondering why, I'm going to try to emulate different "family room" environments with different lighting.  By having different wall colors I'll be able to quickly discern some of the light rejection abilities of screens... I'm still sorting it out, but I figure it will be useful.  There are four recessed lights - all on the same circuit.  They will be divided into four circuits each dimmable. On the dark blue wall (between the medium blue gray walls), will go two screen setups.  The primary will again, be a Carada Brilliant White, but this time, a 2.35:1 inside their Masquerade CIH masking system.  That Carada is a 110" diagonal, 2.35:1, 1.4 gain, white surfaced projector screen. The room as shown in this link, is sporting my old Carada Brilliant White 106" that was in my previous testing room.  Basically I'm simply going to a 2.35:1, using the same Brilliant White surface, with a masking system. The other two screens will most likely be a Screen Innovations Black Diamond .8 gain screen, and probably a Firehawk G3 (or SST).  The Black Diamond would do double duty as a 3D screen, and as a sample "dark" gray screen. I haven't actually ordered either but should have things in the works soon. One of these two screens (both will be motorized) will be in front (above) the Carada, and the other on the blue-gray wall, that has a large window (with big wooden shutters). With three active screens, and several other fixed wall screens stacked up, I'll be able to try a lot of things. I've got to get some real work done soon, so let me skip to the theater room, upstairs. This is easy it is basically a room added over the two car garage!  8 foot ceilings, and about 20x23 feet (once we removed the closet).  Nice sized.  So far, just a  fixed 100" Elite HC gray screen, balanced on a box, and a smaller 82" Da-Lite 3D screen is leaning against a wall near by, if needed.  Looks like this so far!    Here's standing up by the right speaker with the photo showing the back of the theater I'm just finalizing the screen for this room.  It's a 130" diagonal, 2.40:1 screen.  It's going to give me a slightly larger image for movie viewing (about 7" more width than my old Firehawk, but a smaller image by about 14" less vertically, when viewing 16:9.  (Dropping to a 100" diagonal 16:9.)  For me, that's almost tiny. But, what type of screen - get on with it, you say!  OK. It's two screens.  Stewart recently announced their Daily Dual (yep, that is the name of it).  And it's perfect for my needs.  It consists of a fixed wall screen (which will be their 3D surface), and a frame housing a motorized Studiotek 130, will be right there.  Hit the button, and the Studiotek 130 lowers, and snuggles up close to the 3D screen. I'll probably end up all stressed out at having a 130" 3D screen, or, rather, trying to fill it with bright enough 3D content. Ahh, the ceiling is the same black as downstairs, and the walls are very, very dark blue.  This room has the same carpet as the testing room.   From my back row, it's just over 22 feet to the screen. The sound will be great too.  More on that, later.  - adios! for now-art

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