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DirecTV - An Experience with Customer Service

This is off-topic for this blog, but I've had a couple of experiences with DirecTV of late, and since many of us move from cable to satellite, and from satellite to cable, etc., there might be a useful tidbit hiding in my experience with DirecTV.  First let me say, it was a good ending.  Here's the scoop:   Back in July, with the NFL strike / lockout in play, I decided to hedge my bets, re the NFL package, which I enjoyed thoroughly last year, especially as I'm now in my 3rd year of Fantasy Football. So, I called DirecTV in early July, and requested that we cancel my auto renewal for this season's NFL package (despite DirecTV's promise that we wouldn't pay for games lost if the season was delayed. I should note, that as Press, I get a discount on DirecTV, but, it's their Premium package - basically almost everything.  That is to say, the discount I get reduces my spend, to probably still more than I would buy for myself.  (I buy ton's of Blu-ray discs, and rarely watch HBO, Showtime, etc. even though this package gets me all of those.    So, I pay a hefty amount, each month, regardless. Next thing I know, Lori's showing me the DirecTV bill for last month, and I see that I've already paid for this year's NFL package - two payments.  At the same time, the bill indicated that I cancelled my auto renewal, for the 2012-2013 season.  Not what I had intended. On Monday, I picked up the phone again, and gave their customer service a call.  And that get's me to the purpose of this blog.  It wasn't a long call, but I spoke to a Jeff S, in customer service. I quickly explained that I had previously called to cancel, etc.  Jeff verified the early July call, apologized for the screw up, and fixed it.  I was also interested in the NFL-To-Go, or whatever they call it, so I can watch on my iPad, when my wife drags me out of the theater for social functions.  Jeff S got me all set up there.  In a call that took less than 10 minutes, and had absolutely minimal waiting, and no stress, I have to say that this was the type of customer service call we all would like, when we are forced to deal with a large corporation's support. So, my thanks to Jeff "S" whomever, and where-ever they have him stashed in some call center.   And a gold star for DirecTV.   But, there was one more call. Fresh back from travels, I encountered a different issue.   Less than 3 months after we had DirecTV out to add another location, where they gave me one of their latest Sat boxes (an E24 I think they said - with RF remote instead of IR, and more storage).  When they did the work, they put some new white boxes in the back of two of my boxes, that plug into their ethernet ports. Well, fresh off the plane, I'm going, time to program in my players, so that I can follow how they are doing during the games.   Now this is a feature that worked just fine last fall, when we bought this house, so I figure it had to do with the recent reconfiguration.  Tech support had me try a bunch of things, with no luck.   No problem, today's Tuesday, and they are sending a technician out on Thursday - less than 48 hours from my call earlier. I trust they will sort it all out, but I just wanted to blog to say, that despite the shaky start (canceling next year, instead of this year's NFL package), that part is all straightened out, I've got my NFL package, and my wireless as well.  So finally, one more kudos for Jeff S.  BTW, all of my time with him on the phone, was right before I was ready to start watching games.  So, as Hancock would say:  "Good Job!"   Of course if DirecTV can't get my internet working with their boxes, for my fantasy football, I'll be back, blogging, and complaining...  But, as the guy who fell off the top of the empire state building was heard saying all the way down:  "so far, so good, so far, so good, so far..."   -art  

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