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Education Projectors anyone?

Greetings one and all, This is just a quickie notification, that our annual Classroom Education projector report is going live this week.  I know that's off topic for this blog, but I figure some of you might be interested. As with all reports, it will go up, piece by piece. BTW one of the most interesting projectors in the report may not be ideal for the home, but if 3D sports ever really get going, this might be a hot projector for doing 3D in sports bars, etc, considering it uses passive glasses and has over 5000 usable lumens, for the brightest 3D I've seen yet without spending $5000+ ($1899).  One projector handles 3D for one eye, the other handles the other eye's 3D image.   So, if you have a sports bar, check out the Epson W16SK review. And for those of you who think Pocket and Pico projectors are cool, and want one, we're writing up the review of a cool Pocket projector from HB Opto.  What makes it cool?  Well, lots of features, including 3D, and SXGA resolution (1280x800).  It will handle 1080p sources, such as my PS3.  But what tends to really set it apart, is having a few hundred lumens, and being able to deliver them from a similarly sized battery pack! As long as I've got your attention, coming up in the next few weeks:  Epson Home Cinema 750HD, BenQ W1080ST (basically it seems to be a short throw version of the W1070, and Acer H6510.   That's a nice collection of around and under $1000 home theater/entertainment projectors.   Stay tuned.

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