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Epson 1080UB - Convergence Issue - Update

Greetings all, I've been able to cajole dealers into more specific numbers with two of the four dealers reporting having now checked all Epson return records for convergence issues.With the more precise numbers I can now report that The four dealers I requested info from, between them, have sold a minimum of about 365 and a maximum of about 430 projectors.  Combined reported returns is 8-9 projectors, for a convergence issue rate of less than 3%.  These four dealers carry the Home Cinema 1080 UB, however the light engine is identical on the home and pro, so there is no understandable reason why one would suffer an issue like this more than the other.Again, some buyers may not report back to the dealer, speaking only with Epson, however, that percentage is probably no more than half (possibly much lower), and I believe, definitely less than 2/3.   Using the 50% number, that provides a maximum failure rate (unacceptable convergence problems) of less than 6%, and if using 2/3, actually less than 8%.  So, best case, is all customers getting Epson units with a conversion issue, are advising their dealers, in which case our best usable number is "under 3%" while our "worst case" with 2/3 of buyers not notifying their dealers, and that is just under 8%.  Definitely a problem, but certainly not a huge one.  And it seems Epson is quickly replacing any units with problems through their replacement warranty, at no charge to the end user.  -art 

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