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Epson Drops Price of Home Cinema 5040UB

The Home Cinema 5040UB was a top award winner in last year's Best Home Theater Projectors report published late September 2016.  Until now, the HC5040UB has had an official UMAP (essentially "street") price of $2999.
Epson's HC5040UB - 4K Content Handling, Pixel shifting, Lens memory, more, all for $2999!

Epson's HC5040UB - 4K Content Handling, Pixel shifting, Lens memory, more, now for $2699!

  This week Epson announced a 10% price cut on the the pricing of the Home Cinema 5040UB, to $2699.  That certainly makes it by far, the least expensive home theater projector around that supports 4K content and HDR, while also offering "ultra high contrast" quality black level performance, which really makes a difference on dark scenes.  At this time, there is only one projector selling for less that supports 4K and HDR (and it too is an Epson).
We are waiting to hear back if Epson will also end up reducing the UMAP pricing of the other UB projectors: The HC5040UBe, which is identical to the HC5040UB, except it also has Wireless HDMI.  The Pro Cinema 6040UB is also virtually identical to the 5040UB, except it is $3999 but bundled with a spare lamp, a cable cover, and a ceiling mount for the price. Also the PC6040UB is finished in black, rather than white, and it comes with a 3 year warranty with replacement program instead of 2 years with replacement. We will update this blog post - and the title, if there are other "UB" price drops.  -art

Now the only other projector in its price range that can handle 4K content and HDR is Epson's Pro Cinema 4040 (see the recent review).  That projector still nets out for less (thanks to the free lamp, mount and cable cover bundle), but the PC4040 is no match for the Home Cinema 5040UB when it comes to black level performance and producing excellent dark scenes, as it does not use the Epson's highest native contrast 3LCD panels that go into all the UB models.

Home Cinema 5040UB_BACK

Bottom Line:  Since it started shipping last fall, the Home Cinema 5040UB - my "best buy"  among home theater projectors under $4000 - just became a better buy!

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