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Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Review - going live shortly

I expect a lot of folks have been waiting, and waiting for this review. It should be posted within the next 3 hours.  Those of you glued to the Olympics might just want to take a break and check it out.  Without a doubt, the Ensemble HD 1080 is a great, complete system, and really changes the dynamics of home theater.  Finally, millions can consider and buy, and have installed, a real home theater system (sorry plasma and LCDTV owners - your sets are just to small to be a home theater).  Up until this product, getting a nice home theater has been an incredibly complex task, considering "which projector, which receiver, which speakers, which sub-woofer, which other components", and then there is the traditional complicated, drawn out installation as well. Epson has made it just too easy (and too good).  If you've got a room picked out, and money in the bank, there's still time to buy one of these and have it installed in time to catch the end of the Olympics.  (But you better hurry, there are only a handful of days left until the Olympics end. OK, I've got to get back to putting the final touches on the review!  -art

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