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Epson HC5020 UB Projector - Competitor's Page Update

I have finally posted the Epson's competitors page, which includes many paragraphs comparing it to the Panasonic PT-AE8000, as well as sections comparing to the other key home theater competition:  Sharp XV-Z30000, Optoma HD8300, Sony VPL-HW50ES (it's most formidable competitor), as well as the lower cost Epson HC3020, and last year's HC5010UB. Some of you are going to ask... where's the annual Panasonic vs. Epson multi-page comparison?  Fear not projector fans, that's why the delay.  I really had hoped to "knock off" the comparison in a couple of days, but it's only half done, so I took a few hours to get the Epson competitor's page done first. Those of you who are going to ask about the Panasonic's competitors page...  I'm going to drop in the same Panny vs. Epson you'll find on the Epson page.  I still have the rest of PT-AE8000's page to do, it's just I'm here buried in projectors with the Mitsubishi HC7900DW waiting to be written up, and 3 more here, and several more due at month end (including at least 1 JVC). I'm trying to stay focused on the "current" while occasionally sparing some time to catch up on old, unfinished business.  This is the time of year where being the only home theater projector reviewer means there's never enough time.   -art

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