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Epson Home Cinema 3020 e Projector - Black Levels update

Greetings, this is going to be really short.  In the blog about this new Epson Home Cinema 3020 and 3020e, I mentioned I was not sure if the dynamic iris is operational in 3D! In all of last year's Epson's the dynamic features were not available in 3D. Great news:  I've been able to confirm that the Home Cinema 3020 and 3020e, both will be able to run their dynamic irises in 3D operation. That's a major improvement for 3D viewing.  Most pleased to here of this change, I and others complained a good bit about the iris not being available on the older 3010 and 5010 projectors. That's it, gotta get back to work.  Remember, all this is secret until Sept 5.  shhh!  -art PS, if I didn't mention it in the original 3020 blog, I also heard that the new HC3020 projectors will have shorter lag times, which may make the projector nice and fast, suitable for hard core gamers playing First Person Shooters, etc.  We shall see.

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