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Epson Home Cinema 8500UB and Pro Cinema 9500UB Finally Posted

Hi folks,  Well, I had intended to get the Epson review up for you all by about 7 or 8pm here on the west coast, but, just too much to do, to complete it, so finally, it made it live just after midnight.  Enjoy. As usual, this is first pass, there may be some "artifacts" left over from the review I used as a template, the recent BenQ W6000, which is a direct competitor, and therefore the competitive images in the W6000 review belong in the Epson Home Cinema 8500UB and Pro Cinema 9500UB projectors review.  And there's plenty of proofing to do. There are I think 2 or 3 images actually discussed that aren't there yet, they seem to have wandered off.  I'll find them.  I've got a bunch of side by sides to add, with the new Epson vs the 6500UB, and also the BenQ.  Of course, when the Panasonic PT-AE4000 arrives, I'll be doing a whole pile of those side-by-sides, as well, although I am likely at that point to write a single piece on Epson vs Panasonic, and save them for that article.  In such a case, I'll update this Competitors page (not yet written), with a link to that comparison. I liked the older models, I definitely like the newer ones better.  CFI is much improved as discussed, oh, nevermind, go read the review.

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