Epson Home Theater Projectors – EU and US Projector Equivalents


OK, my thanks to the folks at Epson America, marketing, for putting together this handy-dandy list that now cross references current US and EU Epson projectors, so you all can keep things straight – which has always been a challenge.  Here ya go:

I’ll trust Epson to have gotten this right, but if anyone finds a flaw…

Epson Projectors:

US                EU (and many other parts of the word, too).

HC 8350 = EH-TW3600
HC 8345 = EH-TW3200 (??? on the HC8345 – I’m trying to find out! -art)
HC 8500 =
EH-TW4400 (Actually TW4400 has lower contrast ratio, but this is what they carry that is essentially comparable.)
PC 9500 =
HC 705 =
MM 62 =
DM3 (Actually, this is the same as MovieMate60. Other countries did not replace the MM60 DVD combo, with the MovieMate 62.)
MM 85HD =
N/A (art’s note:  Too bad, EU, this is a cool 720p all-in-one)
HC 21000 =
N/A (since the EU doesn’t have the Home / Pro dual line, they have the 31000)
PC 31000 =

Epson did not send me the equivalent to the PC61000, but a reader did let me know that its the

PC 61000 = EH-R4000  (has the 1M:1 contrast ratio).

OK, people – save this info, bookmark this page…  I plan to not be able to memorize this info, which means I’ll still mostly be talking US model projectors when I write. -art

News and Comments

  • Paul

    Any idea when you’ll be writing about the new ones?

    • As they arrive. 8350 and 8700ub done, but I’m just sitting around waiting for the 3 new R series projectors (well, two, since I’ll only be reviewing the 21000 or 31000 since they are identical but for a couple of features.

  • Atul

    Any ETA on the HC 21000 review (please, please :)? A comparision with the RS40 will be the icing on the cake…TIA…

    • No, I’ve been screaming at my Epson contacts to at least find me the engineering sample used at CEDIA, but no joy. I got the definative, “no we can’t get you one before CES (Jan 5-9)… The R series projectors are delayed until some time in Q1 of 2011.

      I’m hoping I can snag the R, that they show at CES, right after the show… But, it’s out of my controll Personally, I can’t wait.

      As to the R40, same thing – can’t wait to get my hands on one, but the HD250 is the more direct competitor – theoretically – as it is basically last year’s RS15, in most ways. The RS40 claims3D and 1300 lumens, so it’s likely to be a step up brighter than the R’s 1000 claimed lumens. We shall see.

      BTW, the new Sony PRO1 is most impressive, Sony’s best effort yet, by far, in their “lower price range – $3400” Huge increase in brightness, moves the Sony from a bit underpowered, to, being a good bit brighter than average in best mode, and above average for the first time, in brightest mode.

      This really elevates the product, now that it can, for example, handle larger screens than before, or deal with more ambient light.

      Between the Epson R, the Sony Pro1, and the new JVC HD250, the $3K price point is going to be hotly contested, not to mention a couple of other projectors around the price… -art

  • Nikolaj

    hi Art
    thanks for info, I believe the 61000 model is called EH-r4000 in Europe. It is a 1million:1 contrast projector (big brother of r2000 essentially)

  • TMA-1

    This is great! Thanks a lot for your effort!
    Some parts of the list has black text making it hard to see, just so you know.

  • Magister

    Thnx! And what about US HC 8100, 8700, PC 9100, 9350, 9700 and EU TW3500?

    • Hi, again there are no direct 8100, 8500ub, 8700ub or any other 8xxx Home Cinema models, the equivalents are all in the 9xxx series. Thought I covered all of those… but maybe the TW3500. I’ll take another look when I can. -art

  • Willie Hill

    I have been waiting for the Epson 21000 for my theater room. The first release date was to be December 17th. I was then told it would be delayed until sometime in Jan. 2011. I contacted Epson, the person I talked with said the date was move up to some time in Feb. 2011, he added that the system might be scrapped. Do you have any information on this?

    • Hmm, I answered the same in your more recent comment. And I’m still desparately trying to find out.

  • Matthieu

    I thought I might update since I did a huge search for this.
    (I wanted to import the Moviemate 85HD, but it was Regio 1 coded.
    Than I found this:

    The Moviemate 85HD has a EU model called Epson EB-W8D Only in a White package.
    They call it a bussiness model, but the specs are exact like the Moviemate 85HD.
    They probably want to sell out the DM3 first.