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Epson Home Theater Projectors - EU and US Projector Equivalents

Greetings, OK, my thanks to the folks at Epson America, marketing, for putting together this handy-dandy list that now cross references current US and EU Epson projectors, so you all can keep things straight - which has always been a challenge.  Here ya go: I'll trust Epson to have gotten this right, but if anyone finds a flaw... Epson Projectors: US                EU (and many other parts of the word, too).
HC 8350 = EH-TW3600 HC 8345 = EH-TW3200 (??? on the HC8345 - I'm trying to find out! -art) HC 8500 = EH-TW4400 (Actually TW4400 has lower contrast ratio, but this is what they carry that is essentially comparable.) PC 9500 = EH-TW5500 HC 705 = TW450 MM 62 = DM3 (Actually, this is the same as MovieMate60. Other countries did not replace the MM60 DVD combo, with the MovieMate 62.) MM 85HD = N/A (art's note:  Too bad, EU, this is a cool 720p all-in-one) HC 21000 = N/A (since the EU doesn't have the Home / Pro dual line, they have the 31000) PC 31000 = EH-R2000
Epson did not send me the equivalent to the PC61000, but a reader did let me know that its the PC 61000 = EH-R4000  (has the 1M:1 contrast ratio).
OK, people - save this info, bookmark this page...  I plan to not be able to memorize this info, which means I'll still mostly be talking US model projectors when I write. -art

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