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Epson Introduces The Home Cinema 750HD at CES


The HC750HD is expected to look like this HC710HD

Epson has just announced its brightest home entertainment projector ever.  The Home Cinema 750HD, when it starts shipping in a couple of months, will be Epson's best 720p projector.  Pricing is officially $899!  Or as Epson markets it:  "under $900" on their press release. What's this Epson HC750HD got, you ask? Well for openers, the Home Cinema 750HD claims a massive 3000 lumens!  It's ready to tackle some ambient light. This projector just might be brighter than your LCDTV or  Plasma TV!  That should give you something to think about. Designed for your family / living / bonus room this Epson projector should prove to be a real wall melter.  Pair this projector with the proper screen, and the results should be rather amazing, in terms of looking good in brighter situations that only a handful of home projectors can approach.  Pair this projector with the right screen, and it just might make your LCDTVs look not only tiny, but dull. Of course there's a lot more to tell you.  Resolution is 720p, but it can, of course accept 1080p in both 2D and 3D.  The Home Cinema 750HD is a 3LCD projector.  Using three LCD panels instead of a single DLP chip, means no rainbow effect to worry about.  Epson owns almost the entire world market share for the type of LCD panels that go into projectors.  Other manufacturers such as Panasonic use Epson panels.  You won't find Epson offering the other technologies, LCD is what they're good at. Note that Epson claims 3000 white lumens, and 3000 color lumens.  Here's a brief explanation:  Many projectors can produce a much brighter white, than they can red, green or blue.  Typically that means that projectors with low color lumens tend to have poor reds and yellows, at least in their brightest modes.  You can check out our video on Color Lumen Output.  It will demonstrate the differences.  The point is, lots of good looking lumens. You get 3D!  If the lag times are good, this HC750HD should prove to be a great gaming projector, with all that horsepower.  I know Epson cares about the whole gaming market, as they took very seriously complaints about the slow lag times on the old Epson 3010 and 5010.  The new HC3020 and HC5020, by comparison have a good deal smaller lag.  Epson says they have optimized the Home Cinema 750HD for gaming.  It even has a special mode for it. With 3000 lumens, 3D should be something to behold.  Treat yourself to a really large screen and get totally immersed.  I must comment, if there's one thing where projectors truly blow away LCDTVs, it's for 3D because there's nothing like a huge screen to really immerse you in the content. The Home Cinema 750HD uses the same 3D glasses as their more expensive projectors.  Nice glasses, I get to wear them a lot.  They are very lightweight (not the lightest though), rechargeable, and use RF instead of infra-red.  Ready to watch a movie, and the battery needs a charge.  Fear not, 3 minutes will give those glasses enough charge for a typical movie.  A full charge should give you about 40 hours.  Cool!  The charger cable plugs into the glasses, and the other end, plugs into a USB connector on any of your favorite other USB capable devices or chargers. The 750HD has a built in speaker, handy if you are moving it around, or want to take it outside in the summer for a movie.  That's become a pretty common feature on the lower cost, "home entertainment" projectors.  There's also an audio out, so you can route the sound from your inputs, back out to an external sound system, or just hook up a powered subwoofer to "rock the house".  Literally! Like some other Epson projector models, and Epson's  MG850HD and MG50 all in one projectors, the 750HD can run slideshows of your photos via USB.  See, it really is a nice family projector! As a 3D projector it's got to have HDMI 1.4, of course, as that's needed for playing Blu-ray 3D.  The Epson also has component video, S-video, and two USB ports.  Placement flexibility is typical for low cost projectors.  It offers a 1.2:1 manual zoom lens, and advanced keystone correction.  Of course it will come with a remote control. From a picture quality standpoint, the HC750HD, there are five preset color modes.  I have no details, but figure one will be geared for max brightness and will likely be called Dynamic.  There might be a separate mode for 3D, and there will be at least one mode for movies, one for gaming, and one "standard" mode. Finally, let's get to the boring practical stuff:  Lamp life is up to 5000 hours.  That will keep your overall cost of operation way down.  So will the two year warranty.  One year is standard among competitors, and even on many projectors twice as expensive.  It gets better though.  Epson's providing two years of replacement program, which makes ownership as pain free as possible should you have a problem under warranty.  Epson is also very well known for excellent support of their projectors. Here's a tidbit for you.   3LCD projectors are more energy efficient - they deliver more lumens with a less powerful lamp.  There you go. Buy this projector and you can feel a bit better helping the environment.  Don't worry you environmentalists, there are other green aspects to the 750HD as well. Enough.  If you want to be first on your block to sport one, figure the Home Cinema 750HD should hit the stores in March.  Pick one up, take it home, plug it into your Blu-ray or DVD player, cable or satellite, iPad, and other tablets and smart phones.   We have used iPads and iPhones when we've tested Epson's all-in-one projectors.  Nice touch. There's not a whole lot more I can tell you.  I've been briefed, but I have yet to see this projector in action.  I will get my first look at CES, and will blog some more info from the show.  Stay tuned as I learn more, I'll share. The image above, I should mention is the Epson 710HD.  I'm resuming the 750HD will look almost identical.  (Or Epson could fool me - it's happened before!  -art    

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