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Epson LS9600e Home Theater Laser Projector being reviewed by Ron

Epson's Pro Cinema LS9600e projector is arriving at Ron's for review. Update:  Ron has published his review of the Pro Cinema LS9600e.  For those of you who have already read my review of the LS10000, you might find his interesting as Ron - an engineer, gets a bit more technical than I do. -art

The LS9600e basics

The LS9600e is the "little brother" of the LS10000 that I've reviewed, and done a video on.  I should note that I'm currently writing up a comparison between the LS10K and the true 4K Sony VPL-VW350ES, so stay tuned.

The LS9600e comes in $2000 less than the LS10000, with an MSRP of $5999.  For that you get the same dual blue laser light engine, and you also get wireless HDMI capability that the LS10K lacks.

What you don't get is 4K content input capability, nor does it have the pixel shifting to enhance perceived sharpness.

Performance should otherwise be identical, and that means pretty impressive.

Below, a few LS10000 images from 1080p and 1080i content. Note that pixel shifting was on when these were taken, however at this resolution you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

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The LS9600e should have the same excellent black level performance that puts it a cut above Epson's lower cost 5030UB and 6030UB projectors, the lower cost Sony VPL-HW55ES, and better than Sony's VPL-VW350ES and VW600ES, both true 4K and $10K and $15K respectively.  It will still support Epson's Super-Resolution and detail enhancement schemes so perceived sharpness, like black levels should be very serious.

A three year parts and labor warranty, which includes three years of rapid replacement program (Epson Road Service) is the best warranty in the home theater projector industry (US), unless someone is offering better in the $30,000 and up range.

Of note, the Epson Pro Cinema 9600e will not receive a full calibration.  Instead we will drop in our calibration settings from the LS10000.  Since this projector uses the same light engine, lens, etc. and since the firmware for handling 1080i and 1080p should be the same, we expect that these calibration settings will work beautifully on the LS9600e.  Fingers crossed!  Remember, unlike a lamp based projector color should be consistent, not dependent on those pesky lamps which have a lot of variation, and which shift color over time.

My next review

For me, it's going to be a big change of pace from reviewing the likes of the Epson LS10000, and Sony VW1100ES and VW350ES.

In terms of other home theater, and home entertainment reviews, I'm currently working with, and writing up the Viewsonic PJD-7822HD, successor to the popular 7820HD.

Consider the PJD7822HD to be a "cross-over" projector.  This DLP projector claims 3200 lumens, and is equipped for both business and home entertainment.  I will review it as a projector capable of both types of use, not just home.

Review coming soon! -art

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