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Epson Pro Cinema 4855WU Projector - New at CEDIA

Epson Ultra Bright Pro Cinema G4855WU Projector Is Announced at CEDIA Epson has been shipping some of the brightest projectors for home use for some time, and this Pro Cinema G4855WU projector is no exception! UPATE:  I originally reported this past weekend, based on preliminary documents from Epson, that being the least expensive of Epson’s new brighter Pro Cinema G series projectors, the Pro Cinema 4855WU clocks in with a published price of $4855 (same as the model number?), which was highly suspicious.  I checked with Epson, and got confirmation this morning that they had inadvertently published the price with the same number as the model. The big news, then, is that this 4000 lumen Pro Cinema G4855WU has an official price of just $3799, not $4855!  That's important, but perhaps even more significant, with 4000 claimed lumens, this Epson is a full 1600 lumens brighter than any previous Epson home projector. We’re talking 4000 color and white lumens, in the business world that’s enough for small auditorium work, but this projector ready for a family room, media room, or other challenges, where there’s more than a little ambient light.  Just be sure to use the right screen for the room conditions, of course. As with all Epson Pro Cinema projectors the G4855WU comes with a three year parts and labor warranty with 2 day express replacement programs for all three years.

Epson G4855WU Projector offers an exceptionally bright home projector solution

The G4855WU projector should be able to deliver very good color out of the box, perhaps great color if calibrated.  It won’t match the black level performance of the two higher end projectors but performance in that area should still be solid, based on how Epson is positioning this projector. The G4855WU's image processing uses Faroudja's DCDi which should deliver high quality, clean pictures.     The G4855WU, finished in black uses 3LCD technology, like all other Epson projectors.  And like the other new G series projectors, it offers 1080p native resolution, interchangeable lenses, lens shift with locking mechanism, and split screen technology which allows two high def sources to be projected at once.

Epson Pro Cinema G4855WU Projector offers extensive inputs

Update:  The official Epson price  on the press release was a very incorrect $4855 for the US market.  The price being the same as the model number was very suspicious.  After checking, Epson advised it was a typo, and that the Pro Cinema G4855 was in reality only $3799. Epson will be showing off the G4855 projector at CEDIA this coming week.  I'll be there to get a closer look at this projector, and will be reporting back to you.  I will be reviewing this projector in the next couple of months.  -art

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