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For Your Holiday Pleasure: The Physics of Christmas

Greetings - and Seasons Greetings, to everyone!  As we prepare for some serious holiday celebrations, (well most of us have already started), I am reminded that over the years I, and thousands of others have been sharing an old "study" that looks into the science behind Santa delivering all those packages on Christmas Eve.

Santa lifts off... But how fast can he go?

  I decided to share this rather amusing document with all of you this year. I've been emailing it to friends (one version or another) going back pretty much to the earliest days of the web. Whether you believe in Santa, or not, the "science" is interesting - no make that amusing.  In considering all the issues poor Santa has to tackle, I even wondered whether home automation could help or hinder him in completing his mighty task. For that reason, I found one of the old versions of the Physics of Santa - or sometimes called the Physics of Xmas or Christmas, and put it up in an article on our home automation site: Here's the direct link: Go check it out, guaranteed to make you laugh a little harder this holiday season. -art  

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