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Hello all!

My name is Pete Connolly and I’m very excited to start helping out here at Projector Reviews.  I spend a lot of time in front of the big screen with a controller in my hand and hope to share some of my thoughts and experiences on pairing video games with home theater projectors.  I will be doing this by adding a video game section to future reviews, as well as contributing here in a gaming focused blog.

So…where to begin?

Update 4/25/2011:  Pete’s Games and Game Projector Blog is now live.  His opening article “The Starting Bit”, which appeared here, has been moved there.  Please join him there!  The short name for his blog, is Bitbound – A Gamer’s Blog.  -art

News and Comments

  • Verners Lejietis

    Its great that someone actually started to do some gaming based projector blog. A 100″+ screen really makes a difference if your looking for imersion.

    If i may ask for one thing, its input lag numbers. If you do some projector review, please measure the input lag compared to a CRT monitor, as that is the single, most important spec that I look for when looking for a monitor/tv with the thought that i will game on it.

    Good luck with your articles, and hope they will be popular.

  • Matthieu

    Whelcome Pete Connolly.
    Are you related to Jennifer Connolly haha,… Be-Au-Ti-Full?
    I’m glad you’ve joined the projector-reviews Blog.

    Like you said, RPG’s are indeed filmlike games and me also think this suits best for projectors.

    Have you any experience with the Halo Reach or Crysis 2 games on your projector, because I also really like playing those right now?
    I always thought, playing a game like that, ‘you’ve been killed before your aniumies arrive on the screen’, because of the projector’s image proccessing.
    I really hope I’m wrong about that.

    Palpatine’s quote: “I shall follow your career with great interrest” haha.

  • Pete Connolly


    Thanks for the welcome! And no relation to Jennifer Connolly, haha.

    One of my roommates plays Halo: Reach all the time. We do some co-op on the projector every now and then…

    The short answer to your question is…no!

    There is not much difference in response time between my 6500ub and my roommate’s Sharp 32″ 1080p LCD TV.

    However, there is some other stuff going on that I can’t quite figure out… I will fill you in on more of the details soon. I have a full “first person shooter” blog coming out in about a week and it will address all lot of different thoughts on FPS and projectors.


  • Jonathan

    I’m in the planning stages of my theater at the moment and I’m dying to read your writeup on projectors and gaming. Frame lag has been at the forefront of my mind and I’m glad to hear it’s less of an issue than I first suspected, but now I’m really interested to find out what the other “stuff” is.

    My fiancé and I taped out screen sizes for a 65″ plasma and 92″ front projection screen on the wall today and there really is no comparison between the two even when adjusting seating positions for different screen sizes…. So unless you have some really bad news for FPS players coming up, projection here I come.

    As a side note, I don’t know if you’ve thought about how to test frame lag on a projector, but a semi-scientific way might be to use the calibration tool in Rock Band 2 or Beatles Rock Band. You can do a manual mode where you “strum” to a beat and it shows you the lag in milliseconds afterwards or some newer rock bands instruments can auto calibrate using light pulses from the tv fed into a receiver on the instrument. BTW if you use the manual mode, I recommend chucking the first result and doing it a few more times, then take the average of the results.

    Thanks again for your focus on games. It’s an item that a lot of other sites seem to neglect, but it’s certainly important to me!

  • Manchu

    Ahhh I will indeed be keeping tabs on this Projector and Gaming blog. I’m big on FPS’s, and the experience of playing them in a projection theater is so spectacular, I don’t even bother trying to explain how excellent it is. Nobody gets it until they see and hear it. I haven’t come across such focused coverage on gaming on projectors, and for that–this blog shall be added to my favorites list!