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HD-DVD Surrenders to Blu-Ray

In my last commentary shortly after the CES show last month, I (like many) declared Blu-ray the winner in the battle with HD-DVD. It now looks pretty official, thanks to Toshiba's new announcement.According to articles appearing all over the internet, Toshiba announced yesterday (Feb. 18), that they would stop making and marketing HD-DVD players.This announcement followed another major blow to HD-DVD, when Wal-Mart announced last week that they would no longer offer HD-DVD players  AND HD-DVD movies, by June of this year.Toshiba announced they would continue to provide support and service to existing HD-DVD player owners. Hmm, I do believe I can hear the "fat lady singing".   OK, all you home theater people without hi-def players, it's time.  While the difference between standard DVD's and Blu-ray, in overall picture quality isn't as great as between standard TV and HDTV, it's still a rather dramatic.   It's time to bite the bullet, get a Blu-ray player and really enjoy the potential of true hi-def. -art

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