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Home Theater Projector Comparison Report - Soon!

Greetings projector enthusiasts, newbies, purists... It's almost time for the annual 1080p Home Theater Projector Comparison Report I'm done reviewing for the next week or so. I started writing up the  annual comparison report for home theater projectors two nights ago.   I really expect to publish it by next Friday.  Of course I tend to be optimistic about the timelines, as you all know, but I will try!  I have to switch gears and starting working education projectors for the annual education report, which has to publish by mid-April, so I can't slip too much. Still a couple of things to mention.  First, Acer shipped me another H9500BD projector,since I worked with an early one.  This one has several fixes and more robust image control.  I've been watching the H9500BD for the last few days, and I do believe I can say, that the current H9500BD is delivering more accurate color than we could get out of the early one reviewed over a year ago.  Also someone already emailed me asking about new H9500BD calibration numbers.  I will post the new results, replacing the old data in the Acer projector review's existing calibration page.  CMS settings, which we've never published for projectors, were taken, and will be saved for our newly redesigned website which should be ready before June 1st. While the results of the Acer's calibration likely won't be posted until after the report is finished, the new performance will be considered in our awards selection process. The other news is that Epson just asked me if I would like their new 750HD to review.  I had to tell them we couldn't tackle it immediately, but I would take a good look, and add a small piece on it, in the report, and do a "first look" blog. I had hoped to get in a Panasonic Solid Shine projector for a quick look at, and also write about it briefly, in the report.  It's technically a business projector series, but they have a 3500 lumen, 1080p projector claiming 20,000:1 contrast ratio.  They say it is ideal for sports bars...  It may well be a sensational solution for people needing an REALLY bright projector, where good black levels not great ones, are acceptable. Enough!  It's time to tell you all a bit about the new site.  I've mentioned it in some reviews, maybe a blog.  That will be my next blog!  -art

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