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Home Theater Projector - JVC DLA-RS1 - used, for Sale. Projector Screens too!

Greetings home theater fans everywhere! I've got a possible deal for those of you actively shopping for a great value, and considering used projectors! Mike Rollett, whom many of you know off, does all of our projector measurments and calibrations, is offering his:  JVC RS1 projector for sale!  He's selling it directly, I'm just helping him out with a little free publicity.  As to the pricing and details, here's the scoop.  Mike writes me: "It's time to upgrade so I'm selling my personal JVC RS1.  It's been recently calibrated and has less than 90 hours on a new lamp.  Will be shipped in original box.  It's available now for $1700 including FedEx Ground shipping to any continental U.S. address." Art's comment: People this is the RS1 (launched in March 2007), the projector that changed everyone's expectations about black level performance (in non-CRT projectors) for all time.  This can be considered the first "ultra-high contrast" modern projector.  Blacks are so good that it's quite possible that today, the only other projectors that can beat it at blacks, are other, newer JVC projectors, and possibly the new Sony VW85.  I owned the RS1, and only surrendered it, to replace it with an RS20. Optional outboard processor also available: If there is one trade-0ff, with the RS1, is that unlike most later JVCs, it lacks a CMS.  While out of the box color happens to be extremely good, and you can make minor adjustments, the skin tones and overall color cannot quite match the RS15/20/25/35, due to less control.  (That said, I was very happy with the overall color of the RS1, but will concede that the RS20 is slightly better, thanks to a full CMS system. I mention this,only because Mike is also the proud owner of an outboard processor that adds full CMS (color management system) capabilities the system.  He has the VideoEQ by    For those purists and perfectionists, demanding the absolute best color, Mike also has a great deal on his VideoEQ processor.  Mike can fill you in on details about the processor, if interested.  The projector is available with, or without. Mike will provide the projector, freshly calibrated.  If you opt for the VideoEQ processor, then he will provide the whole system calibrated, including the VideoEQ's CMS controls.  Mike is asking $700 for the VideoEQ which is a special test version (for reviewing), it has two custom savable settings.  Ask Mike for more details about it. Mike can be reached at NEED a screen?   This is only for locals - in Orange County CA, or near by.   I have a couple of screens unused, brought in for reviews, that are just taking up space, and I'd like to move them out, for affordable prices. The reason they are for locals only - I have no boxes for them.  You need to show up, break down the fixed screens, and pack'm in your car or SUV, but the price is right.  As I have no desire to run around trying to box them up, please don't even ask me.  It's pick it up here, or not at all.  Sorry! OK, here's what I have and you can find the reviews on the site for each, as these were the screens used for the reviews: Elite Fixed wall screen:  100 inch diagonal High contrast gray surface (which I described in the review as not being overly high contrast, or overly gray, a sort of very nice screen for having some of the advantages of HC gray screens, without losing too much gain, or having too much of a hot spot/roll off to the corners.  Hey, it's not a Firehawk G3, but it's one hell of a screen for the money:  $150 + sales tax. Elite Fixed wall screen:  82 inch diagonal Acoustic material - weave pattern (not microperf).  If you want to play with an acoustic screen and don't need a big one, this is hard to beat, at $100. Elite Home Series 90" diagonal 16:9 (about 4 years old), hasn't been used in over 3 years, was originally mounted in my testing room.  This is a 4:3 screen I believe, it might bstandard white surface.  Motorized, 100" diagonal.  $45.  I just want this guy out of here - it's been in the garage, taking up space.  It's been stored partially, standing up, so could have some minor wrinkles - as is, includes remote. For these screens contact me via the comment area, or better, email me at  Thanks! -art

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