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Home Theater Projectors: St. Patty's Day Update


I had to celebrate St. Patty's day in Florida.  I came down to Florida, primarily for business, but also a quick visit to family (the mom).

I attended EHX in Orlando.  Sadly a smaller and smaller show each year, and I hear this is the last year, but I wanted a chance to catch up with a few contacts of mine I knew would be there.

Turns out, it was a far more successful show, for me than anticipated.

An announcement or 2:

1.  Of interest to many of you.  The JVC DLA-X70 has arrived, Mike is calibrating it, and I'll be reviewing it the second I get back home to California (Wed. night).  As some of you must know JVC has two divisions selling identical products through two different groups of dealers.  The DLA-X70 and DLA-X90 come from the consumer side, the "pro" equivalent, are the DLA-RS55 and DLA-RS65.  More on that in the next blog.

2.  Looks like we're finally going to be able to bring in our first Digital Projection projector in the next couple/three months.  Had a great conversation with them.

3.  Tracked down the folks from Screen Innovations.  We're going to be bringing in one of their new 1.4 gain motorized Black Diamond II's.  This will be their first motorized of the type.  I expect the new screen to start shipping in June, but that's just my guess.  It has been previously announced, so I'm not "spilling the beans".

3. Home Automation Theater Automation.   This needs a whole blog so expect one in the next couple of days... Let's just say, it's a new project, for now.

4. The only projectors at the show, were Epson's and JVC's in a couple of demo rooms.  But I wasn't there to see projectors, just people.  It was fun in the JVC area though (a blacked out room as usual) where a couple of people were debating the realities of JVC's "4K" projectors, which incidentally do not have 4K panels.

I'll blog on this later tonight!

The annual home theater projector report is well in the works awards have already been decided in the Under $2000 Home Theater Projector Category, and the $2000 to $3500 Home Theater Category.  Until I finish the JVC DLA-X70 review, I'm not even thinking about the awards in the over $3500 class.

Thanks folks. A happy, belated St. Patty's day to all.

That's it from sunny Florida - not too hot, only too muggy.  -art

PS   The PT-AR100U review will get the remaining images (including black level comparisons), related comments,  and a proper competitors page also in the next couple of days.  Sorry for the delay.

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