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Home Theater Update: Mitsubishi HC7900DW, Optoma HD23, JVC, BenQ W1070, Comparisons

Greetings projector fans!
Optoma HD23 DLP home projector

Optoma's HD23 DLP home entertainment projector is our next review

I've been slammed for weeks, with all these projectors arriving, so time to bring you up to speed, on what's going on, starting with the next review:  Finally we've got our hands on the Optoma HD23, which is mostly available at Best Buy.  I've received a number of emails and comments asking about that one, and now it's time. Mike had the Optoma HD23 and just returned it to me this afternoon, calibrated and ready to go.   I've been so slammed that I haven't done a "first look" blog in a while, but I will have one for you on the HD23, later this weekend. When exactly?   I'm not sure. The BenQ W1070 is a lower cost home entertainment projector, and that one also arrived.  I've just shipped that out to Pete for his take on the W1070 as a gaming projector.  I will be doing a full review of the BenQ W1070 when Pete returns it. Basically my blogging gamers have gaming projector comments (some already posted on their blogs), on recently reviewed/being reviewed home projectors including the Epson HC5020/PC6020, Epson HC3020, Viewsonic Pro9000, Optoma HD23, and BenQ W1070. In other updates: JVC had told me back around the beginning of the month, that review units likely would become available early December.  I am getting back in touch with them for an update, just waiting to hear back, and, of course, to receive the first of what should be 3 different JVC projectors to review. The Mitsubishi HC7900DW projector review posted days ago, but I've been adding to it.  I did want to take a moment to explain how, in my mind, this projector went from my debating whether it was to receive a Special Interest award, or no award at all, to deciding very recently that it deserved a full Hot Product award.  Some of you might appreciate my thinking, but, since this blog piece has been growing in length, I do believe I will stop here, and discuss the HC7900 award in a blog I'll start in a couple of minutes.  -art

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