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Hot New Projectors Coming From Epson at CEDIA

Greetings everyone, I've got some good info about Epson's new home theater projectors. You'll have to wait until tomorrow though (actually late tonight), when I'll post some tasty details. This is just a quick note from your fav projector blogger (I hope) from the Grand Canyon. I will post info on all the new Epson projectors when we get home, probably about 2am west coast time. This Grand Canyon  stop is a brief one (for someone who has camped the canyon many, many times).  I was in Sedona where I had set up a meeting with our new Web designer firm. (They are Arizona based). How could I get within two hours or so of the Canyon and not spend some time, take a brief hike or two, before heading home. Let me just leave you one tidbit that may surprise you, but no details till later. Epson is launching a new series, expanding their lineup significantly. And these new ones make the good old Home Cinema 5020UB look like a relatively "dim bulb" thanks to a huge boost in lumens. So, lots of projectors to talk about, not the usual 2-3. Stay tuned. Last word for now, I did get to see Epson's new projectors in action a few weeks ago (all engineering samples). Looking good! Real good. OK, back to admiring the Grand Canyon from the South Rim - Bright Angel. BTW gorgeous last night - with a full moon the canyon lights up at night. It's a don't miss. In this case, even the best blu-ray disk on the grand canyon, on the finest Epson or any other home projector, of course, cannot begin do do the Canyon justice! PS... will be blogging, and tweeting, and whatever else from CEDIA next week. CEDIA is in Denver this year, always a good place for the show. Stay tuned... -art

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