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Infocomm 2012 - The Hunt for Projectors

Greetings from Las Vegas, at the Infocomm 2012 show. For those of you not familiar, Infocomm is the big US show for displays.  There are plenty of projectors, but the show is dominated by LCDs Plasmas, LEDs, lots of digital signage. Infocomm is not a home theater projector show.  While most home theater projectors tend to get announced at CEDIA in September (the show for home theater projectors), the good news for you home theater fans, is that there are always a few new projectors for the home, launched here.  It is particularly common for some of the Taiwanese manufacturers to show a new model or two.  At this show, I have roughly 20 meetings, including about 15 projector manufacturers and a few others.  I'm hoping to at least see some new home projectors from Optoma, BenQ, perhaps others.  Certainly there will be new pico projectors shown, for those of you who like those. My plan will be to do 2 or 3 tweets a day, actually my twitter based pod-casts - called Spreaker.  Basically I record a minute or two and those following us on twitter get notified as with other tweets.  (Personally I'm really not a twitter user.  Lisa has set up the twitter account.  Me, I just do the occasional broadcast. That's it folks, look for those tweets.  I'll do a summary blog of the show, over the weekend, or at least that is the plan.

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