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InFocus gets a new life?

Greetings! Yesterday, InFocus announced that it was being acquired by private company IHC, which is controlled by John Hui, one of the original co-founders of eMachines (a maker of low cost PCs, that ultimately was purchased by Gateway Computer).  IHC, like InFocus is headquartered in Oregon.   This should be good news for InFocus fans.  InFocus has been struggling financially for several years, seeing their stock price plunge from an all time high of about $53 a share, to a low of $.25 in the last year.  In other words, to be kind, profits have been rather elusive for InFocus.  Despite that, InFocus is still one of, if not the most recognized name associated with front projectors, and still enjoys an excellent reputation in both business projectors and home theater, but especially in the home theater projector space.  An InFocus competitor that I spoke with yesterday indicated that InFocus definitely remains one of the major players, controlling about 9% of the total front projection market, which is pretty impressive considering there are some 50+ companies in the marketplace, including most Japanese and Taiwanese electronics powerhouse companies such as Panasonic, Optoma, Epson, Sony, Mitsubishi, JVC, etc. Let's just say that InFocus, financially, sorely needed some rescuing, and have finally found it. For more info on the buyout (which would take InFocus from a publicly traded company to private status), you can find my additional comments, and the full press release that InFocus released yesterday on our main website at this link to the InFocus article.  -art

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