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InFocus SP8602 home projector - Iris update prelim

Greetings, OK, as usual, I went out on a limb.  As I have done with a number of  awards in the past, I made a final decision on the value proposition of the InFocus SP8602 projector, based upon my dissatisfaction with the SP8602's iris action.  When discussing it with InFocus, they took the complaints I raised seriously, and as some of you following this know, promised to analyze and improve the iris action.  And to do so quickly. Well, last week InFocus let me know that a new firmware version would be up early this week, with among other improvements (no doubt), is the firmware for better dynamic iris operation on the SP8602. I hope to download this evening, and install.  If all goes well, I'll log a good 6 or more hours on the InFocus with my eye on iris action.  And, I'll be sure to play the 3 or 4 scenes that tend to show off iris issues - my torture test - so to speak. If all goes well, the iris operation will be a lot less noticeable, and I will have justified my decision, based on InFocus' promise, to award the SP8602 our Best In Class, Runner-Up award for the $3500 - $10,000 class. Stay tuned for a blog early next week on the results of my investigation, and maybe a hint, sooner (but it's a big "family" weekend) so probably not. The only real disappointment I will consider acceptable for the SP8602 with the new iris, will be that InFocus wants the projector back as soon as I've finished the iris investigation.  Too bad!  -art

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